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Friday 26 March 2010

Tanka #2 & Haiku #93

To whose advantage?
Our long lost Russian forebear
spills her D.N.A.
leaves it as our legacy
in some Siberian cave.

Geoffrey Hill, poet,
difficult, divisive - up
for the Oxford job.


Kass said...

Out of Africa
comes a genome resembling
Hill's savage poetry.

Dave King said...


Unknown said...

Hi Dave,

Hadn't heard either of these stories but am now wiser. Prestigious university chairs often seem to court controversy.

Hopefully, the Siberian discovery will help us understand more about our own evolution.

Raj said...

reaching the century mark huh? fabulous. :)

dun remember hil though the name sounds heard.

Short Poems said...

Great write :)

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

But I feel branded
by the Mercian hymns,
an Offa's coin my third eye.

Madame DeFarge said...

I do adore your haikus. I learn so much about the news this way!

Dave King said...

Cerebral poet, given to disputing minor issues - should do well in the chair, I would have thought.

Shh... many a slip twixt cup and lip!

Short Poems
Welcome to my blog and many thanks for commenting.

I like it, but I am not sure I've fully worked out the connection. I think there must be more than I've got.

Madame DeFarge
Thank you greatly. Kind remark.

Cloudia said...

I come here to learn, Dave!

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend

Comfort Spiral

Unknown said...

Wow. This was short and sweet. Superb post...:)

CiCi said...

You have a great way of writing a haiku with news and current events. Sly.

Dave King said...

Mr Stupid
A very belated welcome to my site and my sincere thanks for stopping by to comment.

Techno Babe
Sly... yup, that's me!