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Sunday 25 April 2010

My Hungry Hand and Sleepy Foot

The other day I overheard a young man holding forth on what was obviously a pet theory of his. It was that portraitists concentrate too exclusively on faces, when in fact hands and feet are better indicators of a person's personality.

On the off chance that he had hold of a grain of truth I offer the following as updates for my personal profile
(you may need to click on the images):-

Tanka  #3

Apologies to those who cannot stand the original beautiful game!

Dying on its feet
(twenty20's all the rage):
what was long-cricket.
Quick results, dramatic ends
loads of cash - they matter now.


Elisabeth said...

These are fascinating images, Dave and they are disturbing.

My mother says you can tell the age of a woman by the skin on her neck and by her elbows.

I think your young man might be onto something here.

Karen said...

I agree with Elizabeth's mother: the neck always gives it away. That's why so many face-lifted ladies wear scarves! I like the theory of knowing a person's character by their hands, though. I do think a life story shows there.

Jim Murdoch said...

The one with the mouth is fascinating. Of course hands have a lot of character. I remember my father’s very clearly. His fingernails were thicker than my toenails are now. At least that’s how I remember them in my head. His hands were the same shape as mine – I actually have small hands (a 10th on a keyboard is my limit) – but they were thicker, a mechanic’s hands.

When it comes to portraits I think a full body shot is best because posture says a lot too.

Helen said...

Hello there!

Hands tell a real story. It's much more difficult to cosmetically 'fix' them. Hands can convey strength, hard work, pampering, sense of pride, tenderness, disease, competency, talent, love ... and so much more.

Very creative and unique photography today!

David Cranmer said...

Very thought-provoking pics.

Conda Douglas said...

Wow, the photos are eerie, haunting and I had trouble looking away.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Very creepy those photos Dave.

Unknown said...

I have to echo the eerie suggestions, Dave. Quite disturbing and I'm sure you're not that! A D D and greed are responsible for the changes to sport generally!

Ronda Laveen said...

Loved the tweaky photos. Especially with the addition of eyes and mouths to hands and feet.

As a massage therapist, I look and touch many hands and feet. They are fascinating body parts.

Tess Kincaid said...

These are fabulous images, Dave. Haunting and magical!! I love them.

Dianne said...

You caught my attention with this photo set and reference.
I am a Hand Therapist in a Physical Therapy clinic, and collect art on hands, and I photograph my foot in touristy scenic locations.
I will re-examine the photos again

Tess Kincaid said...

I'm back to look at these super pics again. You know, now I'm really wondering how the rest of you looks, contorting to take the photos!

Nota Bene said...

Oh...quite scary...still some people are, aren't they?!

Dave King said...

My apologies one an d all for not having responded to your comments individually. I thought I had. Couldn't believe it when I realised that I had not. Perhaps - as one of my e-mailers has suggested - we live on different planes of existence and these transformations occur when we look from one plane to another - or did he just mean I live in a dream world? That would explain it. I shall do my best not to let it happen again .
A warm welcome to Nota Bene. Good to have you visiting and commenting.