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Saturday 18 September 2010

Last Orders on The Poetry Bus - as was!

Totalfeckineejit emergency relief driver for this week, has asked us along for a ride through the last of the summer's wine. Glad to join the merry throng. At least, that is what I thought I'd read on his blog, but nw I'm reading something v ery different on Delusions of Adequacy. Seems there's been another change of driver. Too late, friends, the die be cast. Here, for better or for worst, my contribution.

Last Orders

Summer's called Last Orders
and lined them up for us:
three of her finest rose-
heads blown off by the wind.

She laid them on the earth
we carried them indoors
to drinking tables, there
to set them in a bowl,
floating on clear water -
our tributes to a life
that's passed or passing on.
They're on the house we hear,
and to remember me.

The bushes still have buds
and flowers still bright red -
more bottles on the shelf.
Maybe tomorrow we...
For now we'll drink ours down
for soon she's calling Time!


Jinksy said...

A fitting toast to the end of something- even if the Bus will be trundling on regardless...

Dave King said...

Sounds like an ex-war zone getting back to normal.

CiCi said...

Drink in the beauty while you can, eh.

Conda Douglas said...

Poignant, lovely poem--and is the illustration a photo or painted? I can't tell, but it's lovely too.

Madame DeFarge said...

I shall greet the opening of autumn with considerable enthusiasm too.

Helen said...

Always ~~ smell the roses.

Dick said...

A very suitable valediction to what has been on offer as
summer this year.

Karen said...

I love the ending, Dave. Isn't everything calling, "Time"? Great tribute to the last roses and the last call of summer.

Rachel Fenton said...

It's only just spring here, Dave! The flowers have been open all year and the only "she" calling "time" is me!

I remember that prelude to autumn/winter feeling though...beautifully captured by your inn keeper.

Dave King said...

Yeah, that's what was suggested!

Thanks Conda. It is a photograph.

Madame DeFarge
Yes, me also.

Multi-sensual, that's the thing about nature. Difficult to copy.

You make it sound like I'm not the only dissatisfied customer in town.

Yes, I think you're right. It is.

I'm on my way!


Raj said...

i am sure i didn't quite fully understand it. but the part about roses i did get. awesome.

Unknown said...

A lovely farewell and appreciation for what is passed. Early September seemed to offer the sweetest taste of summer!

Titus said...

I loved this Dave! Great incident described, examined, expanded and then wham that big ending. Time! indeed.