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Sunday 19 December 2010

"Haiku" #327

dogs for chewing by
from Companion Pet Products -
an advent calendar


Kass said...

What next, a scratch-n-sniff cat calendar?

Unknown said...

Can't leave one's best friend out of the celebrations, Dave!

CiCi said...

Do you have the calendar?

Tabor said...

Dave, I think a corrupted memory card is a more difficult problem. Can you try searching it by putting is in your PC via a USB port or via your camera? Since it doesn't get backed up on your hard drive I am afraid the file is lost. Be wary of that memory card in the future in case it is failing.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Dogs chew, we talk,
we often both chew and talk-
the fat, any fat, has always
been made for chewing.

I have read the powerful poem yours "he said" brought me to.
Thank you so much.

pilgrimchick said...

Dumb product ideas never cease to amaze me.

Windsmoke. said...

More rubbish to waste your hard earned money on.

Anonymous said...

wisely put.

Dave King said...

Don't mock - it could happen!

Well, no, I do understand that!

Fraid not: you'll have to ask Companion Pet Products.

Thanks for that. The card is unusable. It was a new card. I started using it on a cruise. Took some pictures of Flamenco dancers and about a dozen shots into the card I got a "Corrupted Card" warning. I have tried various programs claiming to rescue such images, but no luck. And yes, I have tried the USB connection - it's my usual one. Thanks for your help.

Lovely. Great stuff - and thanks.

Welcome. Great to have you aboard. They seem to get dumber.

Not mine, but many will, I fear.

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