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Tuesday 15 February 2011

The Gypsy's Testament

Oh my God,
the things I've seen
in crystal balls
you'd not believe!

A man who yearns
for fire - how's that
for starters? One
who thrives on it,
who bathes in it
and walks on it,
consumes it whole
and loves it,
hugs it
half to death -
and sleeps
on burning coals.

And then
I've seen the earth,
a spinning globe -
snug fit inside
the crystal ball.
And inside earth
another world
and inside that...
a score or more
of spinning globes.

I've seen the Saviour
deep in the bowels
of all those spinning globes,
deep in the deepest
sphere of all.
His bleached,
attenuated limbs
reach out
strive to engulf the ball.
The globe contains him,
yet he takes its weight,
the spheres hold him,
and yet he holds the spheres,
the natural law
placed in abeyance
and himself
untouched by fire.

He was not born this way,
but took it to himself,
the role.
I watched his dream unfold
and saw him tremble
like the thin blades on
a tuning fork
with sounds not his
until his limbs caught fire
and he was in
his element.


Karen said...

Your talent never ceases to amaze me, Dave. This is wonderful on so many levels, not the least of which is its vivid imagery. I see every bit of this as I read. Besides the images, the language is just perfect -- trembling like "the thin blades on/a tuning fork", "asbestos-
skinned", and my favorite part,

"The globe contained him,
yet he took its weight,
the spheres contained him,
yet he held the spheres,
the natural law
placed in abeyance
and himself
untouched by fire."

What beautiful work!

anthonynorth said...

Powerful, full of imagery and beautifully metaphorical.

Louise said...

Wonderful power and imagery, the flow and structure flawless.

Carl said...

Wow. Another one I will read many times. Please tell me you are publishing a book of your poems soon!

Elizabeth said...

Just joining the crowd, Wow. Such incredible use of the language. Love those final lines: "until his limbs caught fire/ and he was in/ his element." Would that we all could understand that reality,


Kat Mortensen said...

This is a stellar piece and the choice of words, impeccable. It builds, like a whirlwind inside a snow-globe, for me and the imagery once you turn to Christ is brilliant!
That last line though, ties it all together. This "Gypsy" has a rare gift and it's more than second sight.

CiCi said...

Where do you find these words and images? You are a very deep person. Your mind and your energy combine when you write like this.

flaubert said...

Dave, what a powerful piece of
writing. So many strong images.
I love your writing.


Linda Sue said...

AMAZING POEM , Sir Dave! WOW! I can not say anything other than WOW! One of my all time Favorites from you- You are genius!
You make life so much richer for us!

RJ Clarken said...

Dave - I am never disappointed when I read your work - you use language as if you found a way to tame it, unlike most of us mere mortals!

"The globe contains him,/yet he takes its weight..."

Very powerful!

Kass said...

Have you sold your soul to the Devil? You are constantly being reborn as a newer, younger poetsavant.

Rose said...

The element of fire - you never fail to amaze Dave. Brilliant images delightful wordscapes you create!!!

Windsmoke. said...

Very vivid imagery of the surface world and the world below and the world below that :-).

Dave King said...

Much thanks. You are so generous with your praise - you do my ego a power of good!

Your comments are very much appreciated.

120 Socks
Thank you so much. I am very grateful for your comments and support.

I have begun to have thoughts! Thing is though, I've never been as prolific as I am just now. Not sure if that's a wholly good thing or not, but I think I ought to ride it for a bit. The business of getting some poems together would probably terminate it. There's also the other point: that the poems are getting more readers on line than I could expect in print - probably. I do very much appreciate such an encouraging remark and thank you for it. I will give it some more thought.

I often wnder how many realities there are beyond our ken!

Thanks for a very flattering appreciation. I am duly humbled. Your whirlwind inside a snow-globe is a brilliant image. (I wish I'd thought of it!) Thanks again for a very sustaining response.

Deep... or troublesome? I'll settle for deep. Thanks for the comments.

Very grateful for your comments and support.

Linda Sue
Wow's fine! I'd settle for wow any time! Seriously, though, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

I can assure you that I have not found a way to tame it! Wish I had, it's a nice thought Thanks for the compliments.

Your first suggestion has been made oft times before. I'll settle for the final phrase. Thanks again for all your help and feedback.

I can't lay claim to fire, it figures quite a bit in Jewish/Christian iconography: Whitsun, the bush that burned and was not consumed, etc. Thanks though for your very supportive comments.

Thanks again. Another very much appreciated comment.

Carl said...

Dave- I totally get it. I have been on a creative jag for the last year or so. The idea of making it a business comes up and things start to get fuzzy. I need to make a bit of a leap forward on the business side this year. You'll know when it is time. In the meantime keep writing you are in a whole new place and I am floored by what you have been putting out there.

Hyde Park Poetry Palace said...

you are quite productive...

keep it up..