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Saturday 19 March 2011

Betty Stone's in the Arcade

Bumped into 'em in Betty Stone's in the Arcade -
their usual soppy grins, as if they'd won a prize
or found the year's best bargain. Tiny vacant eyes,
of course. A couple of hillbillies dressed to kill!
The big, broad brim of his black hat scrunched in his fist;
his pretty, floral coat (you'd not be seen a corpse
in such a thing); black knee-high boots that disappeared
beneath his hem of emerald green; and curly hair.
He was a lad, all right! Was he not just! And she,
not far behind: a hem that swept the ground beneath
the greens, dull reds and prints of striking blooms; all this
topped off with hair piled high, more tightly curled than his.
To see them there among the mouldering antiques,
it still came as a shock to think that they were born
and raised for exile. Just for that. Two people, grand
as Louis the Fourteenth and his eventual wife...
What were they doing there? Chinese, by birth, of course,
not meant for there - or here. Shipped expeditiously
to France, before Sat Navs, I fear, two figurines,
two porcelains of such outstanding beauty that
they looked too out of place in Betty Stone's Antiques.

See them here


JamieDedes said...

An itneresting poem. Makes me want to visit Betty Stone's and see for myself. Well done, David.

Isabel Doyle said...

Having spent far too much of my life and my money in such emporia, I knew exactly what you were conjuring. I also wish the treasures could speak of their journey to that shelf, that price ticket. Thanks for a lovely poem Mr King.

Sailor said...

Beautiful as always!

Corinna said...

A joy to read.

David Cranmer said...

Directions to Betty Stone's?

Carl said...

Excellent. My mom had an antique shop when I was a kid. each object told a story...

Momo Luna S!gnals said...

I just can see them when looking thru the windows of Betty's. :-)

Rachel Cotterill said...

They are very striking! :)

Windsmoke. said...

Drifted over and had a gander at these elegant porcelain dolls, very detailed indeed i must say, just like your poem :-).

Unknown said...

The rhythm of the words really adds a jaunty lilt to this antiquing expedition, Dave. The porcelains are delightful. Thank you for sharing this, it's wonderful!!

Dave King said...

Many thanks to you all and especially to those of you who are newcomers. Since coming back on line and having temporarily to use the lap top (not sure if that's a coincidence or not) Blogger will not let me in to the comments - or when it does, will not let me leave my replies, so for now I am attempting just this once reply. Will try to get round to you all if and when the situation improves.