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Thursday 31 March 2011


Light-footed, light dances on water;
light-fingered, it steals from Picassos and decor
whatever is less than light fast. And we,
at its light shows of sun rise and set
are lifted light-hearted or - truth be known -
light-drunk or light-headed again.

And lightsome it is, this lighter-than-air light
pen from heaven, presenting our world - light
pollution the downside; reflections of glory the up.
Yet lightweight our words at its wonders,
and lighter than lightweight there at the end
as we wait for its final "lights out"!


Carl said...

I am filled with a sense of lightness today. Thanks for a wonderful poem. Much like light striking a surface some of this is absorbed, some reflected and scattered. All making up the color of our memories.

Louise said...

Dave, just to say, you were the 10,000 hit on 120 Socks, so as a reward, feel free to copy The 120 Sock Badge on the bottom right of the site. Thanks for being such a loyal visitor, and I hope this little item cheers up your day!

Isabel Doyle said...

very illuminating!

anthonynorth said...

Certainly not a light poem. Excellent read.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Very clever play on the word Dave.

Linda Sue said...

i dunno- "Lights out" has been said that then is when the lights come on!
Fun poem, Mr. David!

Jinksy said...

I'm all lit up after reading this! LOL

Windsmoke. said...

A light bulb appeared when i was reading this fantastic poem :-).

Dave King said...

I like the analogy very much. Thanks for it.

120 Socks
Wow! Thanks - and congrats to you for the 10,000 hits! Well done and well deserved.

A ray of hope. Thanks.

Thanks for letting me down lightly.

The Weaver of Grass
Thanks Weaver.

Linda Sue
Yes, I suppose there's truth in that saying.

Not a shadow on you anywhere, I'll be bound!

Ah! Was it on or off?

Anonymous said...

This caught my eye as I was reading your MagPie. I absolutely love, love, love the play of words, rhythm and creativity.

Truly enjoyed this one as well.

Olivia said...

The essence is certainly not as light! Very well done..

Hugs x

Anonymous said...

you got your message crossed.
well done,

Blaga said...

Hopeful ray of light ... Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

So much light to experience before the light out !
Bless you :)