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Tuesday 8 March 2011

Shucks to idols.

They fuck you up, your heroes do.
Those most in need are those who choose
the Rooneys of this world,
and even now at my great age,
mine are a deeper shade of sage -
and some are even midnight blue.
Con artists all, they sell you short.
We're ferries at a channel port,
role models roll both on and off -
no wonder wiser elders scoff!

And if it's true, the world's a stage
and we but act our given parts,
it follows that our heroes too
are stage personae, lacking hearts.
There's nothing there, the soul to please,
but comedies and tragedies.
We choose them when we're least informed,
then wonder how we get deformed.
They're not all bad, but - rule of thumb -
you would not take one home to mum.

Jingle Poetry's prompt for this week was Idols, Role Models, Mentors. It started a train of thought that resulted in the above offering.


Anonymous said...

nicely written david and i appreciate those comedians with personas of misfits haha! thank you for sharing this.. my potluck- http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/nectar-from-heaven/

Anonymous said...

I have never really understood the worship of sportsmen (and women) oh yes admire their skill, their beautiful physics etc but to hold them up as role models ... they will always fall short!

Rachel Green said...

Oh, nicely done indeed. How very perceptive. Loved the tie to Shakespeare.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

I enjoyed that, and the ending was perfect.

Louise said...

The sentiments ring very true, pacey and clever.

anthonynorth said...

Oh, I can identify with this. We follow so easily, don't we?

Titus said...

Brilliant Dave! I read something, somewhere, with the same sentiments a couple of days ago so not only have you entertained me, I've now got to go and have a brain-rack.

Arnab Majumdar said...

"We choose them when we're least informed,
then wonder how we get deformed."

I hope the people who blindly make role models out of rockstars and sportstars should read that line and understand what they mean.

It also made me understand what Kurt Cobain meant when he said he wanted to get rid of his fake fans.

So many levels, this has...

Carl said...

I think everyone has had that feeling of being let down when the see behind the facade of one of their heroes. You took that feeling and turned it nicely into a poem.

Uma Anandane said...

well written..it tells about the life faced in stage

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

bravo, very daring and brilliant words.

magical flow.
you rock.


Helen said...

Beware their feet of clay ... or is it beware the ides of march? either way, worship at your own risk.

Lolamouse said...

Very clever and funny but so true! Idols seldom live up to the image we bestow upon them.

Gerry Snape said...

wonderful poem Dave...the trouble is that we all have feet of clay!
Brilliant rhymes and super words.

Olivia said...

Couldn't agree with this anymore David! They fall with a huge crash right from there..

Smiles xx

Isabel Doyle said...

heroes or scapegoats?

nicely done

Windsmoke. said...

Heroes and role models constantly let people down because of the high expectations placed on them :-).

Maggie said...

It really is our own fault.

Honest piece, sir.

Kavita said...

Oh yea, David!! There is a whole lotta truth in what you've said here... We are drawn to certain "players" cuz we like their "act"... but not all are selfless and philanthropic :) Idolizing to an extent is okay.. beyond that, it's all a matter of our choices really !!

I like this poem.. it hs a superb message in it!

Dave King said...

Much thanks for the comment. Shal look forward to reading yours.

Absolutely. I'm with you on this.

Couldn't leave him out, him being one of my heroes!

Thanks very much.

120 Socks
Glad you liked it. Thanks for saying.

We do, and sometimes without realising.

Those kinds of brain-rack are sometimes traumatic for me. Take care!

I whole-heartedly agree with your first point.
I did ot know the Kurt Cobain remark, but I think I see what he meant.

Yes, a two edged thing, a hero. Beware the feet of clay! Thanks.

Hi! Welcome. Thanks for your comment.

Great to have your comment. Thanks - hope "daring" isn't code for something else!

Lydia said...

Oh YEs! This basically sums my view on idols, etc. I have never really had one and now I feel okay with that.

(I promised Jingle that I would read 12 poems starting from the bottom and skip every other one. I had completed my reading then saw your name a few names above and thought "what the heck, let's go visit Dave before shutting off the computer for the night." Glad I did.

Dave King said...

I now realise that in reply to Carl's comment, I pinched your phrase. Apologies and thanks.

Thanks for the response. I seem to be getting more unanimity than I'd expected.

Yes, I think you've put your finger on it, there.

Dave King said...

We load too much upon them, maybe. Good to have you commenting.

Good question. Thanks very much for visiting and for the comment.

True. Much thanks.

Yup. The fault dear Brutus, lies in us... Thanks.

Welcome to you. Your remarks, too, are much appreciated. Thanks.

Dave King said...

I,too, am very glad you decided to visit. You are very welcome. Thanks for coming and thanks for such an interesting comment.

CiCi said...

Exactly, Dave. I stopped looking up to people when I was a kid, no heroes for me, only honest and real people.

Rose said...

Yep, nothing there the soul to please, but comedies and tragedies! And of course the last line hits home! Delightfully lighthearted :)