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Monday 7 March 2011


Another from the sketchbook. I had driven out to capture a particular group of trees, parked under some nearby trees and became fascinated by the reflections of them on the car.


Rachel Cotterill said...

Hang on a sec... I was about to get all confused because it looks like paint rather than reflections on your car, but am I right in concluding that you painted an image of the car with its reflections? That would make more sense than my initial thought (that it was a photo of an interestingly-painted car)... sorry, I'm recovering from a cold so I'm not exactly fully functioning right now :)

Dave King said...

Your second thought is correct: it is a watercolour painting of the reflections on (and in) the car. Sorry to have confused.

Elisabeth said...

You paint too, Dave? Good grief, I'm stunned. You are a man of so many talents. This is amazing. The colours, the shapes, the nuance.

Anonymous said...

Great pic of something so common place (sorry I don't mean that to sound at all patronising)

CiCi said...

This is great. It looks like this was a fun one to paint. Do you use a particular brand of watercolors?
Was this a not so sunny day? I really like the colors and the movement.

Jinksy said...

I can see Pan sitting in the back seat, complete with horns on his forehead! Who else would you expect to find in the country?..

Lolamouse said...

It looks like the trees are about to steal the car into their lair! I love this. You are a man of many talents!

anthonynorth said...

That is a very deep picture. Who's winning? Tech or nature?

Helen said...

Radically psychedelic!!!

Tumblewords: said...

I love the style of this - the merger of man and nature.

Linda Sue said...

WOW I LOVE this! Entirely and utterly brilliant! Well done- Sort of like Dali's idea of not painting the dream but what is behind the dream- reflections are like that...

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely painting with wonderful colour scheme

Kass said...

I'm envious with admiration for this green piece.

Anonymous said...

awesome capture..

Louise said...

Powerful image Dave, makes me want to be able to paint!!

Dave King said...

I painted before I wrote, actually. I paint less these days - shaky hands!

Not patronising at all. Loved the comment. Thanks.

Yes, you're right: it was a fun one. I use mostly Winsor and Newton Artists. It was very sunny, but not where the car was parked. There was deep shade, there.

I did wonder where the music was coming from!

Yes, the trees were definitely on the march that day.

I thought it was about honours even.

I'd never thought of psychedelic as radical, b ut you could be right!

The ultimate ideal, I agree.

Linda Sue
The perfect simile. Yes, I go for that. Cracking comment. Thanks.

Crafty Green Poet
Thanks. Much appreciated.

Thanks a lot for that.

Generous. Thanks.

Jingle Poetry
That is a very charitable comment. I thank you for it.

120 Socks
And a lovely comment. Much appreciated.