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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Chagall's "Homage to Apollinaire"

Golden, the dawn that was Eden,
retaining its hold
like a stain
that seeps into,
sleeps in the old and the new,
in the spokes of the wheel,
at odds with the flavours
of earth, fire and sea.

God's wheel of fortune
constantly spins,
rising on one side,
falling the other.

Day of Judgement, the image;
Medieval, the style.
And what of mankind, of Adam and Eve
who are joined at the hips,
not a fig leaf in sight,
his hand on their sex,
their two torsos split,
set apart by their difference,
diverging at last.
Eve's with desire -
the apple preserved -
achieving their promise of genders deserved.

Evicted from Eden
not just mankind,
but the whole of his poetry,
science and art.
His mouth is a rictus,
not fit for purpose,
hers is for song.
She carries the banner
of culture for man.
He's twisted in pain.
Between them they bring
to Earth Eden's reign.


Click below for the four names Chagal has inscribed around his heart.






Louise said...

Wonderful Dave. I love the observation, tone and the pace of it.

Isabel Doyle said...

that Adam does look distraught, doesn't he? perhaps he can't hear the Muse singing - whereas she clearly spends a lot of time singing to you

Lolamouse said...

Beautiful description! It reads like a song! I always learn something from your poems-thank you again!

Áine Tierney said...

Wow! Seriously impressive. Great description.

LR Photography said...

Great description Dave!

Windsmoke. said...

Fantastic poem about Adam and Eve and the start of mankind or was it :-).

Sebab said...

Wonderful description.

Carl said...

You paint with words as well or better than the masters ever did with a brush.

Your range and depth Dave are just amazing to me.

Dave King said...

120 Socks
Much thanks for that

I agree - and then I am bowled over by that last bit! Thanks!

Lovely comment. Thanks a lot.

Aine Tierney
Thanks so much.

Thanks for the comment.

Was it about them? Yes. Was it fantastic? Dunno!


Steady, you'll have it going to my head! Thanks, though. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

David, first time reading you. Loved this. Always felt Eve got a raw deal. She was talked into the apple by the snake, but when offering to Adam, he just said, "Yeah, sure," and ate. Then, when God asked the tough questions, he narced on Eve immediately!

Great take on this whole story! Amy BL