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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Sunday Morning

Easter Sunday Morning and the valley
black with cloud that hangs or feels like treacle
from the hills. Once more he scrapes the canvas
clean, or nearly so, and looks beyond the
window to the scene he thinks will serve him
well. Three days of passion and there's nothing
yet to show. His broad distemper brush swirls
down from right to left and leaves a trail of
darkly coloured paints. A change of hand, a
further swirl, before he scrubs more darkness
and the highlights disappear. A dry brush
indicates the upright for the cross, its
handle scratches in two arabesques. These
mark for him the way the body hangs.

New inspiration moves him, and a flash of
Gamboge yellow splits the clouds, allows the
sun to burst upon the scene. The minor
miracle... the major still to come. Not
long delayed: the arabesques have changed, no
longer mark the outlines of his clothes and
flesh, but have grown links between them. Formed a
ladder up to heaven? More than that: have
formed a double helix. Could anything
befit an Easter Sunday Morning more?

This is my contribution for today to Writers Island's NATIONAL POETRY's Free Writing Month.

A Happy Easter to you all.


Windsmoke. said...

Happy Easter to you and your family. Fantastic story it flowed along nicely :-).

anthonynorth said...

Great words for Easter.

Anonymous said...

Well done, David.

Ron. said...

Ambitious work, very successfully carried out. Loved the closing DNA / stairway to heaven image.

David Cranmer said...

Beautiful! Happy Easter, Dave.

Carl said...

His broad distemper brush swirls
down from right to left and leaves a trail of
darkly coloured paints...

Wow. Great poem. I loved the imagery and ever changing scene on the canvas... God as painter? I like it. Speaks to creativity.

Nicw work again.

CiCi said...

What a great art session. Hope you have a special Easter.

Mary said...

Wonderful poem, Dave. You set the scene well, told an amazing story. Perfection in the ending!

Happy Easter to you!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Another good poem for Easter, Dave

flaubert said...

A gorgeous Easter poem, Dave. The flow is incredible. Happy Easter to you and yours.


Kathryn Magendie said...

I love it when poetry allows images to come to me unbidden, - this doesn't always happen with poetry so when someone writes poetry that makes those images burst into color sight sound feel etc I am happy . . . yours does this.

Sebab said...

Happy Easter!

Dave King said...

And a happy Bank Holiday to you and yours. Thanks for the comment and the good wishes.


Honest Abe
Much appreciated.

Thanks for the feedback. Always interesting.

Thanks. Best wishes to you and yours.

Thanks very much for those comments, Carl. Good to have them.

Thanks. Had a great day yesterday with the family. A super Holiday Monday to you and yours.

I couldn't ask much more of a comment than that! Much appreciated. Thank you.

Weaver of Grass
Much thanks and all good wishes for the rest fo the holiday.

Many thanks for the comment and the good wishes. Mine also to you and yours.

My sincere thanks for a really lovely comment.


Linda said...

I love your Easter poem and lovely flower photo, wonderful colors! Regards, Linda