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Friday, 8 April 2011

A Love Song

The waterfall. Do you remember it?
We came upon it unexpectedly,
should not have done; it made its presence felt
in ice-clear song
long before it took our breath away
with that first view.
It was its size, perhaps, and grace
that so surprised us both.

You were the first
to think the sound of it
some kind of speech.
Not speech in all its purity:
white noise and much redundancy
made up the most of it,
but at the core of all those sounds
you heard it speak.

We put our ears to those great stones in simple fun
and you translated what the water said.
To me it simply murmured such sweet nothings
and I was more than happy with the fact.
You wanted it to tell you something more,
how we would end and what life had in store.

We found a cave of sorts among the stones
and sat and dreamed in it a while.
You sang the song you said the waters sang,
and I was happy just to hear you sing.


Sebab said...

Wow what a beautiful love song. Nature always put romance in to your heart.

Carl said...

The song of the waterfall, stream and brook. I find myself wanting to write poems about this mystical voice of the wood that is just out of my comprehension. I have never been able to capture it in language. I often wonder what it is saying to me as I hike along the banks.

Yours was wonderful and told a great story at the same time. Nicely done.

Rose said...

Beautiful image. Have you published this poem somewhere on the net before as it seems quite familiar to me. It still has the same wonderful impression on me as the first time I read it! Beautifully written.

Isabel Doyle said...

lovely memories - water always does something special doesn't it?

Louise said...

Oh call me an old romantic, but I love this poem. It catches that wonderful light of love and wonder, halfway between reality and dream. Really love it!

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Well, yes are in Romantic territories here...but the rhymes sound really spontaneous. I enjoyed the lulling rhythm and in the end the quiet sense of sincerity. Actually if it corresponds to something that really happened it's everything one could ask for.

flaubert said...

Gorgeous poem, Dave.


Windsmoke. said...

The noise of a waterfall is so calming and peaceful it makes you doze off and dream of romance :-).

Rachel Hoyt said...

Beautiful! What a special shared moment! You honor it well.

Dave King said...

It does indeed.

I owe you for this one, Carl. You asked in an earlier comment if there was anything I couldn't write about. I didn't need to think, I baged down straight away: "Love"! Almost immediately, I began to see the reply as a challenge to myself. This is as close as I have got so far! I am with you on the mysticism of water, though. I think I could write endlessly about that. Thanks for your contributions.

No, couldn't have published it before: only just written it. I did publish a watercolour of a waterfall in Barcelona and way, way back a longer poem about a walk of several days which I thought I caught echoes of when writing this.

There most definitely is something special about water, something deep in the pyche that makes it so.

120 Socks
Thanks, we'll call each other old romantics!

Many thanks for those observations. It grew out of old memories.

Hi Good to have you visiting. Thanks for the comment, which is much appreciated.

A warm welcome to you. Thanks for the visit and comment.