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Thursday 7 July 2011

View from the Asylum

van Gogh's "Wheat Field with Rising Sun" was this week's prompt from Magpie Tales

I'll pour the paint on to the canvas
the way the sun pours light upon the field -
the same field, never twice the same.
Sun's paint is infinite in its variety.

If only I could paint like that!
Awake the wheat and shake the ears
to bring forth newness to the canvas field.
The same field never twice the same.

The same field from the same small window,
the same scene bounded by the same stone wall
that keeps me and my wretchedness confined -
the same despairing me.

So who then guides the paint I pour
and steers it into such convulsive power
to shake and shock and rake the world -
all with the same small field once more?

If I one day will leave this field behind,
and Doctor Gachet and his therapies,
will I still pour the colours that I see
with all the freedom as this blazing sun?


Isabel Doyle said...


(nothing else to say, so I will say it again)


jabblog said...

'The same field never twice the same' - indeed! Excellent!

kaykuala said...

Yes, it's a masterpiece to be savored with all its sacredness. Great!

Jinksy said...

Love the two opening lines... The rest isn't bad, either!! LOL ♥

CiCi said...

Sun's paint does have variety beyond our limited scope. Very nice words and I know you truly mean it when you say if only you could paint like that. The artist in you sees art in all of nature.

Carl said...

Fix the madness destroy the art..... Every artists biggest fear. probably why most live and die with their demons. To lose the creative spark would be the worst fate of all.

Jenny Woolf said...

Reminded me of a marvellous IMAX 360 deg. film about Van Gogh which I saw in Futuroscope, of all places. it was marvellous because it was huge and you could immerse yourself in the works, magnified to gigantic scale. It suggested to me how overwhelming his need for colour and life must have been .

Anonymous said...

This is really wonderful, loved it

Tumblewords: said...

His fear is palpable...a fine read, so suited to the artist and the image.

Windsmoke. said...

Very enjoyable indeed :-).

Louise said...

When words come together right, it is one of the best feelings of all. You achieved this Dave-wonderful interpretation of prompt and artist.

SG said...

Very well expressed. I could almost feel the despair of the person watching from the asylum window.

Dave King said...

Don't worry about saying it twice - it's fine by me! Thanks.

And again ditto the same! Appreciated.

Sacredness... now that's something else I appreciate, even if too kind. And may I say, a warm welcome to you. Thanks for dropping in.

Thanks Jinksy. Useful comment.

Indeed, the sun's rays outdo us all in painting the landscape.

That's absolutely it: the ancient dilemma. Do you really want the cure in any circumstance?

That sounds something not to be missed.

Thank you so much.

And for another valued comment, sincere thanks.

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for saying so.

120 Socks
I certainly agree with the first part of your comment. It's a great thrill to hear that you thought I'd achieved it. Thanks.

Thanks again, that's a really encouraging comment.

Carl said...

I neglected to mention that the first part describing the sun painting the field as it rose was spot on brilliant. You took me to a sunrise in the french countryside.

Dave King said...

That's good to know. Thanks Carl

lucychili said...

yes i can feel this impatience.
and still his colours sing

Helen said...

This is beautiful ~~ the first stanza took my breath away ...........

Tess Kincaid said...

My favorite line? "Sun's paint is infinite in its variety." Beautiful and somehow biblical.