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Tuesday 22 November 2011

Figure in a Landscape : Intermediary : Green Earth


Storm flood and drought
the sky forever
threatens earth.

Man is the one
the only one
who walks the skyline
touching both.

Figure in a Landscape

wild garlic
field of
last night's shower
sharpens tang of
and yet delicate.
All other scents of
hurry over
from the wood
like children
running out to play.

Apart from which
the world is soft
in all its aspects:
early sun
its light and shade
slow warmth
and colouring,
the folded chalk
its rounded ridge,
the shallow moat
its sapling occupants,
the eerie drip
of rain from trees,
six tents of sleep-
starved little boys
all sleeping now.

A figure, ghostly
shows itself
in gnarled oak bark -
or minds play tricks.
He walked from there
out of the wood
across the ridge
up to the tents
undid a flap
and asked a boy -
asked any boy -
down to the woods.

No one here has seen him
but the oak. Perhaps
it caught his likeness.

Green Earth

more delicate
than pepper grains
scattered on the beef -
the touch of nature:
nuance of yellow
on her greens and browns.

I have dealt with the school camp incident before in more narrative form. If interested you can find it here


Mishilicious Mishi said...

wow! it was Beautiful as usual Dave..I have never been on a School camp:( and I wish I could have known what the experience is like..
and sorry I couldnt catch up on your reads , my lappy was not well so I was kinda away...hope to make it to you by reading them one by one:-)

anthonynorth said...

Oodles of nature in these. excellent.

haricot said...

The scenes are like seen with a telescope. Hope is seen at least.

Mary said...

I really liked "Figure in a Lanscape." I could picture this ... camping children have vivid imaginations! (As do many poets!)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Figure in a Landscape is pretty disturbing especially after reading the other poem on the same topic.

Other Mary said...

Oh, that is a matter of some concern, very understated, (in the English way, seems to my American sense) which makes it all the more potent. You write about this masterfully Dave, and I particularly like the lines, ' Man is the one
the only one
who walks the skyline
touching both.'

rch said...

I really enjoyed the first one the most of the 3, but as usual great writing all around.

Windsmoke. said...

Very vivid imagery with sinister overtones :-).

MianTariq said...

system of sky and earth is all controlled or pre-programmed by the NATURE and man is enabled to enjoy the natural set up through using GOD GIFTED BRAIN POWER.

You poem explains it really well.

see you soon at my blog.

Dave King said...

Hi, A warm welcome to you. Thanks for your visit and your comment. Bad luck about your lappy. Hope you can get it fixed before too long. Look forward to your future visits.

Thought it time to get beack to nature for a bit.

Not the wrong end of the telescope, I hope! Thanks for your comment.

They do, but it wasn't imagination. There was an actual intruder.

Crafty Green Poet
It was disturbing at the time. not so much for us as it was our last night, but we were followed by a party of girls from our school. Although we tried to keep them apart while we changed over, the boys somehow got the news through to the girls. Their teachers had a rather torrid week.

I guess the police could not be so relaxed these days.

Other Mary
Thank you for your very kind words. It is always good to know how others see a poem.

Thanks for saying. Most appreciated.

Indeed. It was very sinister at the time.

Absolutely so. I shall be there!

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful. The oak one,camp, very scary. But so vivid and beautifully paced. K

Brian Miller said...

dave, ugh on the camp story....really well penned and paced but shivers....