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Tuesday 1 November 2011

Halloween Debrief : (How was it for you?)

I had my bag of goodies for the ghoulies,
ghosts, hobgoblins and the rest. The door bell sounds,
I answer it, see no one for a moment.
From total gloom a voice booms: Trick or treat!.
An adult voice, I realise. Into the light,
the man who calls each month - a local lottery
to help our hospice - grins sheepishly.
It seems I've chosen the wrong night!
he says. I've had to run the gauntlet just a bit!

A skeleton, just six or seven, I would guess,
starts up the path, then noticing my caller - who
is more than average tall - turns tail and runs
back to his mum, and is not seen again.
They were my only callers all last night.


Tabor said...

So sorry. When I lived in a neighborhood with children, I used to love that night of pretend fantasy and fright. Nights here in the woods are only spooky and hardly pretend.

Mary said...

Kids would have to walk quite a distance to get to my house...thus they choose 'greener pastures.'

jabblog said...

No callers here!

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


I loved sharing the reality of your Halloween evening. We did not have a single caller. I think this generation of trick or treaters, could not summon enough energy, here in Macclesfield!!!

Congratulations on having Blog of the Week!

Windsmoke. said...

No callers here either :-).

Hannah Stephenson said...

Sweet and a bit sad....interesting combination, certainly!

Cloudia said...


Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

sunny said...

Hi Mr Dave,you presented the scene of Halloween beautifully,it scary,like it.

Isabel Doyle said...

perhaps the trick is they'll all come on Guy Fawkes?

Isabel Doyle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Philip Thrift said...

A fun tale for Halloween!

Dave King said...

Very strange. Usually we get lots of spooky callers. I could wish the surroundings were a bit more conducive, though.

Some could fly on their broomticks, no?

Can't have it all the time, I guess - whatever "it" is.

It's good - even when it's sad! - to feel you're not alone.
Many thanks for for the congrats.

Whhat is the world coming to?

Yes, I think that sums it up! Thanks.


What is the fascination with being scared, I wonder?

Or any time during the weeks either side of it!

Good to have your response. Thanks.

Jinksy said...

The kids were out in force round here, but shepherded by many Mums, which kept it all very civilised!

Dave King said...

It's good to see that parents are going out with the wee ones especially.

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