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Sunday 19 February 2012

all landscapes are emotional

The above image is one of several supplied by Reena for this week's dVerse Poet's challenge hosted by Brian Miller. I have chosen it as my prompt for today.

All landscapes are emotional,
but mix their feelings as an artist mixes paints.
For them there is this strange ambivalence
which only watercolours catch
with moments in the picture frame
where emotions show their depth
or are transmuted to their opposites.

And so it is that granite cheeks
may weep mute drops to blur a transitory
clarity, or wind-blown trees -
those skinny skeletons, like insects from another world -
may wave their arms in celebratory dance,
while even yet their roots merge with the tears.

Soggy and waterlogged, the earth is richer yet,
but landscapes have these many minds,
they shuffle them like cards.
A cloud will alter everything,
a drop of some earth colour change it all.
(I'm not sure I should be posting this. There's still much work to do on it, but today we are celebrating our grandson's twenty-first, which actually will be on Wednesday, but we're getting in first, so time is of the essence.)


Claudia said...

smiles...first of all..happy birthday to your grand-son..and second...glad you posted it cause i like it much...love how you personalize the landscapes..the blurring emotions..def. mingles also with the observers own emotions...i used to do a bit of watercolor painting...so can feel it from this side as well..

Elephant's Child said...

And another happy birthday to your grandson, from someone who is also glad that you posted this gem.

Much food for thought. Thank you.

Brian Miller said...

i hope all goes well at the birthday...i am glad you posted it dave...as a lover of nature, personifying it worked really well...and we find ourselves in there as well...shuffling their minds like cards...nice....

jabblog said...

Happy birthday to your grandson:-)

I'm pleased you posted this too.

Grace said...

Happy birthday to your grandson ~

Your opening line got me as we choose the same pictures. The last verse speaks to me as the earth is rich and ever changing....

A pleasure to read your words ~

JANU said...

So true...the landscapes are ever changing and you have captured it really well.

Laurie Kolp said...

I really like this, Dave:

or wind-blown trees -
those skinny skeletons, like insects from another world -
may wave their arms in celebratory dance,
while even yet their roots merge with the tears.

Happy Birthday to your grandson!

Ygraine said...

I beg to differ here!
How could this possibly be improved?
It is already perfect - a living landscape full of emotion.
Love it :)

Unknown said...

Birthdays and grandchildren are the best. Have another grandchild myself on the way. Happy birthday to yours from them too! W pe do seem to mix landscapes and nature with our emotions, or is it the other way? Rainy days can make me sad or pensive, sunny brings a lighter spirit. I think you are right to remind us how much of the world reflects ourselves to our selves. Excellent piece!

Hannah Stephenson said...

This title and idea really speak to me today (just finished writing a poem about landscapes myself, for tomorrow!).

Happy birthday to your grandson! Enjoy the festivities!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Dave, this is BEAUTIFUL. I especially love the middle stanza. So eloquent and layered. Lovely to read on a Sunday morning!

Manicddaily said...

Wonderful! I like the close especially--the many minds and clouds and earth color. I don't think it needs too much work. The watercolor nature of true landscape. Very lovely. And happy happy birthday to grandson. K

(ps I am having a huge problem commenting so trying another website I use. It's Manicddaily at http://manicddaily.wordpress.com)

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Manet and Monet Dave, you are certainly in their wake here.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

David, thet are making here,in blogger, the words I have to write to publish my comment so hardly readable that I am not so sure I'll be able in the future to be accepted, in the last comment I took off my glasses and typed the words not being sure what I was reading ( they had me rejected four times), now I try again just to see what happens...what a strange world internet...!

Lolamouse said...

Happy birthday to your grandson! I love how you tied nature to emotions to art, as they are so tied together for me in my life. This was beautiful, whether or not you considered it completed.

BTW, Bloggers new word verification system is wretched!

Windsmoke. said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson. Your poem was still enjoyable so i reckon there's no need to change a word :-).

zongrik said...

very descriptive

private dreamliner

Carl said...

I'm g;ad you posted it. The subject matter drew me in.

Cloudia said...

Another worthwhile walk through your ideas, Dave. Thank you-

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Mary said...

Heh Dave! I agree, all landscapes are emotional. And also, happy birthday to your grandson. Some things are more important than revising poem!!

ds said...

Oh, no, you should be posting this. It's wonderful--and true: all landscapes are emotional. Happy Birthday to your grandson (slightly late).


This line made me dream - A cloud will alter everything,
a drop of some earth colour change it all.

What an awesome poem and photo. Have a great week ahead.

vivinfrance said...

"A cloud will alter everything" -
so true; that's what I love about landscapes: their changing nature from minute to minute. I like your response to the prompt.

haricot said...

Another Happy birthday of your grand son! Happy words and it will be happy present for him( including us).Thanks

Dave King said...

Thank you for your kind wishes, I did pass tem on. Also your thoughts on the post. Much appreciated.

The Elephant's Child
Ditto. Many thanks.

Thanks. Shuffling the mind is becoming more difficult by the day - and less necessary as it shuffles itself much of the time.

Thanks. And thanks again.

Hi, Good to have your comments - and your best wishes. Much thanks.

janaki nagaraj
Hi, welcome to my blog and my sincere thanks for your comment.

Thank you again for your kind words, and for your best wishes.

Wow, thanks so much for that. Just what the doctor ordered!

Thank you for such refreshing words. Most thought-provoking. And my thanks too, for your good wishes.

Thanks for this, I shall look forward to yours. And many thanks for the best wishes.

Sherry Blue Sky
And a lovely critique to read on a Monday morning! Thank you so much.

Thank you for your helpful comments and also for the best wishes.

There seem to be quite a few problems commenting these days. I was having them myself a bit back and now right click and choose open in another tag. Haven't had any problems since - or maybe i'm trying to teach my grandmother to suck eggs!

I, too, have had the difficulties you describe - see reply above - but haven't found a cure for the washed-out text!

Thanks for your comments.

Thank you so much - on both counts. I shall have to try not to overwork it - if I do take it any further.

Thank you and thanks again.

Thank you and good to have your company.

Thanks for that. very reassuring.

Thanks very much. Good to have.

Hi! Thank you and than you - and I do so agree with your final sentence!

Big thanks to both your comments. Much appreciated.

Hi, and welcome to my blog. Good to have your thoughts.

Thank you for this. It is always good to hear how others see things.

Thank you very much on both counts.

Wolfsrosebud said...

Nice... loved the watercolor comparison.

Dave King said...

A warm welcome, good to have your comments. Thank you for them.

Cait O'Connor said...

but landscapes have these many minds,
they shuffle them like cards.
A cloud will alter everything,
a drop of some earth colour change it all.
.........................................my favourite part and having just read previous comments I see I am not alone.
So true about landscape.....

Lisa said...

I enjoyed it, it's beautiful. All landscapes are emotional..so very true. Happy birthday to your grandson.