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Monday 27 February 2012

Reinventing Warhol's Wheel

Image and prompt by courtesy of Magpie Tales

Caught on a Tesco shoppers mobile 'phone, Warhol look-alike, Mark Major Zing welcoming his vision of the next big thing: fifty Campbell's Soup can images in an I-pod art display. Incredibly, he's unaware it's all been done before - or near as makes no difference - by someone looking just like him. (Where has he been these years of yore?) Images on retinas? No, not for me! he'll tell the media clans. I focus on the concept that wants to cover all our walls with rows of Campbell cans. Incredibly, he doesn't know it's all been said before - or near as makes no difference - by Duchamp, on the Warhol thing that sank art's status quo. And so he'll kneel in reverence before his Oh, so seminal, idea. Incredibly, he's unaware the West Coast Pop Art picture show was many years ago.


Christine said...

I guess that when one's art becomes a cliche of giant proportions one has made it. Or at least exceeded the resquisite 15 minutes of fame. Well done!

Rachel Green said...

I have to say I loved Warhol, though. You can't mention the sixtes without his influence.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful take on this weeks prompt.

Jenny Woolf said...

I've seen a few takes on this picture in various blogs, Dave, and some of them are very good, but yours is, I think, the most original, I love the way you turn our preconceptions upside down!

Trellissimo said...

West Coast Pop Art picture show

Hehehe! Coming to a cinema near you any day now? :)

Jim Swindle said...

I really like your poem. Beneath the whimsy, it captures the essence of the problem with Warhol's soup cans: There was little lasting--dare I say artistic?--value to them. If the idea had been done before, it would be boring.

Daydreamertoo said...

I think anyone who thinks 50 identical cans looks anything other than 50 identical cans, is seeing something I'm not, because, I can go to a super-store and see exactly the same thing.
He did do some amazing art but, not what I would call spectacular (each to their own though)
Great take on the prompt Dave.

Carl said...

wonderful. I really enjoyed this one. I keep saying I will try my hand at one of these prompts. I like the idea of some many people using the same image for inspiration.

Carl said...

Yay! I was able to save a comment it has been weeks since this worked for me for some reason.

Mary said...

It is amazing that people often think that what they think or do or create is totally original when it is not. In literature they always say there are only a certain number of basic plots. In poetry, well how many times do we say the same thing in different words? Art as well...how many ways to paint a rose? I think as long as something is enjoyable for the one who creates, the more power to him/her. If someone thinks their 'thing' is original, who am I to burst his/her balloon? Just my philosophy this morning.

Helen said...

Soup cans, brillo pads and coke bottles = many dollars in that Warhol brain! It was the right time, the right place. Your take on the photo is so original .. like you.

Jackie Jordan said...

Great take on the prompt, Dave. Nice poem. I remember Warhol's days of fame when I was a kid, sort of esoterical.

Kat Mortensen said...

Oh, bravo Dave! I loved this line:
"And so he'll kneel in reverence"

Reading his mind was such a great device and the subtlety with which you convey his ignorance is just perfect!

Brian Miller said...

i think in some ways andy broke that barrier for us...and perhaps the new art is seeing the old in new ways...

Manicddaily said...

Perhaps there really is nothing new under the sun! K.

Kathe W. said...

Brilliantly said!

Windsmoke. said...

Andy Warhol was also credited for discovering the band The Velvet Underground in the 60's and his art was way ahead of anything else around at the time :-).

Wayne Pitchko said...

a great read.....thanks for this

Dave King said...

Absolutely. So would I risk my art becoming a cliche to achieve this? You bet!

Me too! I wouldn't like anyone to take this as an anti-Warhol statement. Even today his influence is everywhere.

Thanks for these kind words.

Thank you so much for this comment. It does mean a great deal.

If only...! Thanks.

A warm welcome to you. Yes, that's true. I was more thinking though of the artists who plagiarise other artists, or who sail very close to that line. Much appreciate your input. Thank you.

Thanks for the kind words. I think he was not so much interested in the seeing as in the concept behind the work. Personally, I have always thought concept art closer to philosophy than traditional works.

Yes, it is interesting to compare what I've produced with the works of others, I've found.
Sorry you've had such difficulty getting through. I've had a few issues myself. Not sure what's been going on.

And a very worthy philosophy, I do agree. Much repetition (let's call it that) is unawares, I am sure. Deliberate plagiarism is something else though. I saw a cartoon once - in Punch, I think, of a sculptor on a scaffold at the apex of a massive sculpture that he had obviously been chipping away at for months - if not years. Miles away, down on the ground is a little man in pinstripes looking up and saying: "It's been done!" I guess that's what I was getting at.

Thanks for this. Maybe all art is original in its time and becomes cliche later.

Yes, I was at art school before Warhol. What I remember most now, is the difference between the art world before and after. It was poetry before and after Eliot. Good to have you visiting. Thank you very much for your input.

Bless you! Thanks so much for this.

Precisely. As per my reply to Jackie above. I don't especially LIKE Warhol's work from an aesthetic point of view, but thats not the main point.

That must be true. Maybe someone ought to do something about it!

Hi, welcome to you. and thank you for commenting. It's good just to know you're visiting.

I didn't know the first bit, but I agree with the rest.

Hi, Good to have your visit and your comment. Many thanks for them

Tess Kincaid said...

I love that you made him a Warhol look alike...

Little Nell said...

Incredibly unaware. So many have used that excuse I think when accused of plagiarism. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - apparently! Nice take on the prompt.

Anonymous said...

shopping is a concept
art is a concept
marketing is a concept

it's all a concept

Tumblewords: said...

There is nothing new under the sun :) but you've taken a fresh and admirable look at that art.

ds said...

"And so he'll kneel in reverence
before his Oh, so seminal, idea."

HA! Love it. Thank you.