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Thursday 1 March 2012


Joseph, Marie, Bryony,
each of the unholy three,
had slept, on separate occasions, with
each of the remaining two -

though not one of the three could know
that this, in point of fact, was so.
Each of their three rooms had grown
to favour one and one alone.

And so it was that Joseph's room
to Bryony would sigh Marie,
but then when Marie came to call
the room said nothing much at all.


When we were in the womb
if we had asked
(had there been someone there to ask)
what is the meaning of this life?

Would we have heard:
to look beyond its shallowness,
food comfort, warmth, security...
A soul is made for love.

Though sounds of love surround you, here
is only loneliness
and distant are the sounds.
Beyond the breaking of the waters lies

a journey, trauma, to a world
that could not be 
more different than
the one you've grown to know.


You do not realise when you're small
how everything you do and say,
how everything the VIPs around you do,
how every happening of consequence
goes to build an ark for you - for which
you will be grateful some late day
when being adult falls like rain
to flood the earth, the whole terrain
of what you thought you'd got to know.


Elephant's Child said...

'A soul is made for love'. That is a wonderful line, as are the following stanzas.

I need to think more about the final section. It is shifting in my head like rain, like droplets on the window, like roaring tidal waters.

Jim Murdoch said...

Of the three fragment the first is the one that I keep coming back to. It’s an uncomfortable little piece. In the second piece I like that you reduce life in the womb to four words: “food comfort, warmth, security” and, of course, it is an underwater world albeit a shallow one. As for the third one, unusually for me I find the long single sentence a bit awkward. I’m usually one to champion the longer sentence but I struggled to read this. Not sure what I’d do to fix it if indeed it’s the poem that needs fixing and not me.

Brian Miller said...

i def think there is a lot of hollow love out there man...and life was much more innocent back in hte day...when things did not matter but yes now everything matters and affects our life and the lives around us

haricot said...

I can look back my past calmly reading your words. It is sublimed feeling. Maybe getting old I'm going to turn to be a child. It's good.

Mary said...

All three are 'gems' in their own way. My favorite is #2: Thinking how different the unsafe world is compared to the warmth and safety of the womb.

Kat Mortensen said...

I'm drawn to the second one and I'd love to articulate my impressions, but a migraine is impeding any cohesive thought. I will only say that it is beautiful and "beyond the breaking of the waters lies
a journey ..."

sings to me.


Tommaso Gervasutti said...

The final lines bring a moving power to a great poem:

"when being adult falls like rain
to flood the earth..."

is superb

Windsmoke. said...

Does anybody really know the true meaning of life?, i doubt it they'd only be guessing :-).

Maude Lynn said...

That second piece is really lovely!

Cloudia said...

meaningful in the deepest possible way-

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

>< } } ( ° >

Dave King said...

The Elephant's Child
Thanks for the comment, but I do believe your paragraph is even better!

It pleases me that you focussed more on the first. I had thought this one might be a bit contentious.

Basically these were three fragments that I've had for sometime in my scribble pad. They were originally going to be parts of longer poems, but I decided they were going nowhere, so I thought I would post them to see what reaction they might get.

I can sure go along with that thinking.

It is the master plan of all master plans - if you can pull it off.

Yes, it's something I keep coming back to in my thoughts. Thanks for this.

Thank you for saying so.

Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. I do hope it proved not to be a bad one. Blessings.

Thanks. I have to admit that I was reasonably pleased with that.

Mama Zen
Thank you. This is pleasing to hear.

Thanks as always. Good to hear from you.