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Monday 18 June 2012

Candle-lit Dinner.

They're new... or are they?
She hasn't noticed them before.
An effect of light perhaps...
or looking through the candle flames.
But no, they're there. They're plain enough.
Maybe he hasn't shaved...
Strange, long blond hairs...
but not enough to stop her eating -
the mackerel pâté clearly to her taste.

Bob - prospective partner - unaware
of this new interest of hers... he, too,
eats on. Is unconcerned, for what could spoil
a night like this? Concern
first rears its awkward head
when his is turned to ask the waiter
for... she doesn't catch.
But what she catches is the long cheek bone
and lengthy nose. Imagination
does the most unlikely things at times.
She cannot figure why
she hasn't seen these things before.
Begins to drink more seriously, more
than is her habit, asks the waiter for
another carafe of the same. By now
the Bob she'd thought she'd known
has slipped behind a mask-like Bob -
now tearing at his venison with long, sharp teeth.

She isn't looking  now, has turned her face away,
doesn't see saliva running down, pooling on
the tablecloth. Doesn't see the thickening hair,
the subtle change of colour, the re-set eyes -
all of which, supposing that she had seen, she
would not have found the means to tell
the essence of it all. So steadily she does not look,
will not be drawn. He, of course, believes he has
offended her - How could that be? He'll get
her home. They stand to go. He cannot stand,
is bent, his spine aligned along a horizontal plane.

The car is parked a few blocks off. She tries
to take his hand, believes he is unwell. The hand
will not be taken. The palm is a soft pad,
the fingers four, the nails more pointed than before.
She can't be sure... nor we. All we can say is that
she never made it to the car, is found next day,
a not-quite-musky smell, almost like canine sex,
hangs in a cloud above her form. They'll say
she has been savaged by a dog or fox - maybe
by dogs or foxes - but who among us can be sure?


Daydreamertoo said...

Ooooo nasty!~!
I had the TV on last night and it was a very poor B rate movie about a werewolf. Poor woman. LOL
Very atmospheric and effective in it's creepy write Dave ;) Shudders.

Brian Miller said...

def high on the creep factor man...this has all the making of a horror film...

Mary said...

Yikes, this is eerie-good writing! A real nightmare tale.

Anonymous said...

eeeerie one. blew my mind!
poor lady, maybe she should have
been more aware before the big

Anonymous said...

Now Dave - you are showing your best-seller novel capabilities - all you need is Robert Pattinson! (Ha!)

No--well done, lots of fun. (Not for her.) k.

Laurie Kolp said...

I've seen dates transform like that before... but not quite to that extreme (thank goodness).

Linda Sue said...

Whoa! That was surprising and fabulous...I thought from the title of your post it might be about Hyacinth and her candle-lit suppers....This was WAY better!

Tom said...

very humorous. it's funny the things we choose to ignore when they're right in our faces

Dulcina said...

Lycanthropy today, I am still shivering in fear, what a story!
The werewolf transformation has been told with such an extraordinary finesse, kinda Hannibal Lecter.
what could spoil
a night like this?

Nobody can be sure.

Cloudia said...

who who among us can know these things. . . .

Have a GREAT Week

Aloha from Waikiki,
Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >

> < } } (°>


Dave King said...

I read a novel a little while ago along the same lines. Can't recall either title or author - that should tell us something. Read it right through, though.

I'm not sure you should be encouraging me in this instance!

Hope it didn't spoil your sleep!

Yes, I think I go along with that. Welcome and good to have you commenting. Thanks.

Wow! Do you really think it's nab enough to be best seller material? You say the nicest things!

Phew! You had me worried for a moment there!

Linda Sue
Hi and awarm welcome to you. Many thanks for visiting and for the kind comment.

Hi, good to have your company - and your comment. Yes, indeed, I suspect they get ignored more easily than ever when they're right in our face.

Hannibal Lecter, yes. I like the association. An d appreciate your final question and answer. Thanks Much appreciated as always.

Ah! Indeed...