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Thursday 14 June 2012

Come celebrate the whole of life with me.

Come celebrate with me, life's triumphs in our world,
rejoice in life's resilience, delight
in how it bursts again, and yet again, upon the broken scene,
surprises us and takes our breath away.
No matter what we do to earth, air, water and the rest
of life's frail systems of support, though stripped of all
it might have counted on, life bounces back and over-runs the world -
and in the over-growing it regenerates.

In every crack and corner of the world is life,
and nowhere, though we made it near to desert, do we find
that life plays truant there. Come, celebrate the weeds and nettles
that grow there, the gnats and rats and crocodiles and snakes.
Come celebrate the bounce of life, its potency in every form it knows,
the life force that is pro-life and the powers  we think are anti-,
and the two, gift-wrapped together. We'll celebrate, unwrap -
and use our nous to help perfect creation.

Hand-in-hand came good and evil to this world. The life force was
no different to the rest. Come celebrate the final triumph of that life:
together see the end of human mutilation - and the back
of that which blights and bites into the life that is to be:
malaria, tuberculosis, hunger, climate change, a\myriad other wrongs
that should not be. Let's celebrate the final victory!

The theme "Celebration" was offered by Mary Mansfield at Poetry Jam http://poetryjaam.blogspot.co.uk/


Mary said...

Life is resilient, isn't it? The life force so often does triumph. But, even at the very end after 'life force' has endured almost unbearable woes, I do believe the final 'triumph' will be magnificent beyond belief. Thought provoking.

kaykuala said...

Life 'plays truant' with myriads of ills and threats from nature and animals to mankind. True enough Dave! Man has been clever enough to counteract though. That is good reason to celebrate man's triumph. Yes why not? Beautiful verse!


Daydreamertoo said...

A cynical view, but oh so true. The world will still be the world (we hope) by the time man has finished sucking out every single thing that is useful/makes money. When there is none of us left because we've turned it all into a desert wasteland and no fresh water and nothing to eat, when we're gone, maybe, just maybe some other form of life will take it over and do a much better job of taking care of this planet, if there's anything left of it because of us, by then.
Nice write Dave, let's celebrate what we do have, while we still can! LOL

Tabor said...

The end of the war against torture and life. That is something I would wait patiently for.

Helen said...

Celebrate ~ YES! Every time I see a blade of grass, a tiny flower sprouting up between the crack in a rock, after witnessing the recovery after devastating hurricanes, tornadoes ... I am reassured, have reason for hope.

Your poem would also work perfectly with the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads prompt ... go take a look. Some pretty amazing poetry ~ of the letter writing variety!


Brian Miller said...

if only we could see the end of human mutilation, it would be a beautiful thing...life is what we should celebrate...one day perhaps

haricot said...

I'd like to join you.You'are not the only one. Let's celebrate the final victory!

Peggy said...

Life is indeed a wondrous thing with endless variety that seems to have amazing ability to come back. I can hardly wait to see what life has done on other planets.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Yes, let's celebrate lie, that force that keeps us moving forward through the most impossible of situations. Good poem, Dave.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Again great echoes reach me through your verses, Walt Whitman this time.

Grace said...

What a wonderful way to look at life and celebrate it, all its goodness and not so good sides ~ I specially like the second stanza ~ Wonderful work Dave ~

Judy Roney said...

I hope we can have a lot of these celebrations in our lifetimes. Life is resilient and it does bounce back. May it ever be so.

Momo Luna S!gnals said...

Such a great poem and i am with you. Yes life is everywhere to celebrate and not to misuse it. You always write so vivid, painting images in my mind. There's hope in your words, like a flower that pops up thru concrete streets.

Dave King said...

Yes, I think I agree with you. I am basically optimistic about it - though I do also believe that nothing lasts for ever, so how to reconcile those two?

Thanks for this. Yes, I do believe that in a sense it is man's tak to finish our small part of creation!!!

Thanks for this. It's a possible scenario, certainly - and in the (very) long term may be the inevitable one. I have read that some (scientists) believe that bugs or rats could be the next big thing - though not as we know them at present. But cynical? I thought it an optimistic view!

Amen to that!

Thanks for this. I will certainly go look at Real Toads. Thanks for the suggestion.

And in the meantime we have to celebrate the small victories that come our way - I think that's how you win wars.

Indeed! I'll go for that.

Good to have you with us Peggy. Thanks for the response - and with what a thought! Yes indeedy, that really will be something to feast our eyes upon!

Sherry Blue Sky
Yup, That's the way it's done, I'm sure! A little bit of what they call spin!

A voice to reckon with! Much thanks for the great compliment!

Very many thanks for this. Most encouraging. Thanks for coming along.

Hi, a warm welcome to you. Thanks for visiting and for your kind thoughts.

Really good to have you along, and good to have such positive feedback. Thank you for making the trip.

Momo Luna
Hi, Good to have you aboard, and yes, I think there must be hope. The record of the earth's etinctions, for example, seems to suggest that nature didn't just recover, but set off on new lines of development, which in the main proved more successful. Can it come up with something more successful than us, I wonder?

Sarav said...

I saw hope in this poem, a refrain of resilience and it does amaze me how resilient this earth is. Enjoyed this poem.

Victoria said...

I like the oneness of your view of life - all together, take one take all.

Dave King said...

A very warm welcome to you and much thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. It's good to have your company.

Thanks for this comment. I suppose that oneness must now be one of the hardest aspects to hold on to.