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Thursday 21 June 2012

Cart Ruts and Bootprints.

All landscapes have been
layered over time. Scipes.
Landscipe say. Landscaef.
Land sculpted out by man. 
Car & cart ruts. Bootprints 
simulate a layered-on, not 
a layered-into. As if a thing 
or two (say, something like 
Meccano pieces - do you
remember them?) was laid,
is being laid, or will be laid
(all is tense upon the land), 
a thing apart, though hardly
ours. Until  we made it  so.

At once my eyes are raising
them and building with them.
Towers of Babel. Something 
like. Dad will help - I'm sure.
Bolts. Nuts. Tighten to hold 
firm. Nature interferes.Water
building new layers. Delicate,
the tracery that now appears,
rubbishing our early crudity.
Lifts our eyes to interpose a
natural (and virtual) layering.
Landscaef's new dimension.

Written from the visual prompt above supplied by The Mag at http://magpietales.blogspot.co.uk/.


kaykuala said...

Landscapes as landscaped by man can be any dimensions. Seen those rock gardens,layered cobblestones with fountains and all.Interesting take Dave!


Silent Otto said...

Land-scape, scape -goat,goat god Pan, do we sculpt it or does it sculpt us?. Thans Dave i enjoyed this very much

Mary said...

Enjoyed the thoughts and form of this poem! So much depth from one photo!

Brian Miller said...

nice man...made me think on many levels...i think we build all kinds of towers of babel as a culture...but also it made me think of building those shanty structures with dad that ended up being our forts...

Helena said...

'rubbishing our early crudity' - I loe this line - strong and delightful poem.

Tess Kincaid said...

I like the layering of your thoughts here...a bit of a change of style for you Dave...I like it...

haricot said...

Landscape is made during long time... I often feel very long term from your lines.

Dave King said...

Absolutely! Thanks for.

Good question. If you pushed me, I'd have to say we it. Like your thinking.

Thanks, that's ver good to hear.

Yup, I'm with you on both of these observations. Thanks.

Hi, welcome. Good to have you aboard and to have your thoughts. Thanks for both.

Thanks Tess. Something of an experiment for me.

Really nice thought this. Thank you so much.

ds said...

Wow. I love the layering of this poem. Well done!

susan m hinckley said...

(all is tense upon the land) -- brilliant. And this poem captured Escher so perfectly! Nice.