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Wednesday 12 September 2012

The Bug in My Gut,

The bug in my gut,
if I could question it
about its world
and its place in it,
might well describe
a world we'd recognise:
a world of galaxies,
black holes and milky ways,
solar chasms filled with interstellar gas,
a spiral galaxy or two,
clusters and superclusters
of God knows what but will not tell,
but most of all, just empty space,
space filled with spaces spinning dizzily in solar winds -
a world whose size 
extends beyond
its small imagination;
a world of vast expanses
belching now and then
before they settle down,
quiescent for a few more aeons.

And finally,
the bug in my gut
might turn to wondering
how many universes
exist out there...
how many guts in parallel I have.


kaykuala said...

The revelation of our gut feel might lead us to discover some truths. There are mysteries not readily apparent that can get confirmed. True enough Dave! Nicely!


Elephant's Child said...

Scary from my perspective. I think that guts should just go on working, without any question - theirs or mine. Nice piece though - thanks.

Ygraine said...

Wow, to think that this microcosm of the Universe is within each and every one of us!
Doesn't it make you feel so important, yet humble at the same time?
Super write, Dave:)

Brian Miller said...

nice man....you bring us down to the micro and give us perspective...hope the bug in your gut is not too bad though you know...fun to think they are pondering the same things we are...

Linda said...

Very well written.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

very metaphysical, in Donne's wake.
I really enjoyed. I must look for one about my own belly that could discourse with this.

Janine Bollée said...

How many do you have?
Actually, the way size spins out of control in both directions is so worrying that I have stopped taking it in.

Mary said...

Scary thing when you really don't know who or what has consciousness.

Tumblewords: said...

It is that slice in the fold of everywhere that creates all the 'things'. :) A thinking poem and fun, too!

ds said...

I think we all have parallel "guts" out there somewhere, of some variety. Nicely done, sir.

haricot said...

What magical defamilial idea you have! I will sleep thinking of my inner galaxy tonight.

Anonymous said...

Ha! And if you were a politician, it would be rumbling a great deal! With empty wind! (And lots of speaking from the gut!)


A lot of fun here, and thoughtfulness. k.

Dave King said...

Got you - but I didn't want to get too up close and personal! Deep mysteries there indeed. Thanks Hank.

The Elephant's Child
Yes, I do agree with this. They should work without us noticing what they do.

Yes, put that way, I guess it does. It's all part of creation's self likeness isn't it? The same pattern or structure repeating on different scales - like a fractal, which I suppose is what the cosmos is, one huge fractal from micro to macro.

Yes, wouldn't it be great if we could somehow show that they are?

Hi Linda! Good to have your response. Thanks for dropping in.

I'm always in Donne's wake when I read him - miles and miles in his wake! Thanks though, shall look forward to yours.

I take your point about size spinning out of control, though I'm not sure how that fits into my cosmic scheme of things! Thanks aprille.

Very true. Deep wonder, that! Thanks.

Yes, that's it exactly! Thanks for this. Good to have your thoughts.

Thanks. Yes - not sure if they are all out there though!

Oh, I do like that! magical defmilial idea! Thanks for this. I shall remember it - I might even use it sometime!!

This surely is so. Not that it would be a great change for me! Much thanks.

Unknown said...

I love astronomy. Putting that into the poem makes it so unique. I love your poem.

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Dave King said...

Hi, and a very warm welcome. Thank you for your visit and your comment.