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Tuesday 4 September 2012

A Kind of Heaven

Today thermometers
shot high into the nineties.
My brain was cooked.
I slept the sleep of death
beneath the apple tree,
and there I dreamed
a wish-fulfilling dream
in which I found myself
seduced by sexless flesh,
soft beauties such as I
had never met before,
who roamed a land both
verdant and ice cool with
bubbling streams and
rich in shade. But what
most tempted me to 
make this land my own
was all-pervading blue,
an ice cold - welcome - hue.
Just to look at it... relief from
casseroling  heat. I saw that
everywhere and everyone -
the beauties more than most -
had been suffused by blue.
Okay, there was a bush
that fiercely burned but -
Biblically - stayed intact,
and more than that,
had set alight a lengthy tract 
of that fair land. That,
too, was not consumed.
And true enough - as nothing
can be perfect - one beauty
had a hand, palm raised, 
protective of her vulva. (Or
where one would imagine
the vulva might have been.)
STOP! it said. Imperious 
command. NO ENTRY! 
No can do! (or was it that 
they all had hands, 
these beauties, where 
their labia might have been?)
Forgetting then, all slight,
and slightly disappointing, 
aspects - fiery shrubs, etc, etc., 
the rest of it, a kind of heaven, 
welcomed me. The land, 
its occupants, the dream 
and I were cool - as cool as 
the blue inner core
of some bright flame might be
I am indebted to Willow at The Mag for the image and its prompt.


hyperCRYPTICal said...

Superb Dave. Bloody brilliant!

Anna :o]

Silent Otto said...

Gday Dave, this is cool mate, a sensuaous encounter with she who can definitely be named !, thanks

kaykuala said...

Wow! you brought out the man in me, Dave! Innocently sensuous. Serious talk I had initially imagined. Manly chuckles!


Brian Miller said...

caseroling heat....ha love hte way you put that...and funny you could hardly think sensually, more relief from the heat...i def understand that...smiles.

Daydreamertoo said...

Quite the painting isn't it and can lead the mind on a merry old time...lol
Well interpreted Dave!

Tabor said...

Fits the picture perfectly and also the end of summer. Interesting contrast between the coolness and the warm or hot thoughts.

Mary said...

Stunning interpretation of the painting. Pretty 'hot' for a hot day! Enjoy those 90's. Snow will be flying before you know it.

Helen said...

Honestly Dave .. no one got to the essence of Bloch's painting the way you did!!! A beauty!

Rachna Chhabria said...

Really brilliant, Dave!

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

A visionary intensity in this poem.

Dulcina said...

Risqué humour at its best, yesss.
Wicked innocence, lusty chastity, humorous seriousness, what a mixture of opponents!
From heat to cold..., wow, you have played a very attractive word game, Dave.
Stop! NO ENTRY! hehehe, and Forgetting ...aspects - fiery shrubs, etc. etc.
One of your best pieces.
Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I love the sense of wandering thoughts that make your dream state so vivid and real, Dave. I would lust after the cool, shady blueness you've envisioned here. it would be a welcome relief from this long, hot summer. Thank you for sharing.

haricot said...

Yeah, I've heard of that the inner of flame is cool... Beautiful image and unexpected(?) dream.

Berowne said...

Casseroling heat - yes, we've had a number of casseroles like that too. Good writing...

Anonymous said...

A very funny dream for a hot day - casseroling heat a particularly wonderful phrase--the women cool all the way through! k.

Ygraine said...

Erotica in it's most innocent form! I love this, Dave.
The idea of temptresses in virginal pose is superbly evocative.
What a dream...what a painting!!

Dick said...

Something of the atmosphere of a dream from myth or legend here. Beguiling atmosphere - that mix of eros and whimsy!

Tess Kincaid said...

Hot and sexy write, Dave! You would hate the heat in Central Ohio...

A Cuban In London said...

I loved the picture and had an inkling, when I first saw it, that he poem would be equally intense. I'm glad to have been in the right.

Greetings from London.

Carrie Van Horn said...

You re-painted this with your words Dave and did it eloquently....love this! :-)

Tumblewords: said...

The steam rises from this hot piece...stellar!