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Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Eyes of Miro

Constellation: The Beautiful Bird Deciphering The Unknown To A Pair Of Lovers by Joan Miro
Infinity of infinities
(love being one).
Infinity of eyes
(for how could love 
exist except
by means of eyes
and what they see
and how they meet?)

Miro saw eyes everywhere -
even in the most
unlikely places:
on trees and
out among
the constellations
far out in space.
On body parts not of the face.

He saw an angel once*
(of the apocalypse)
with many sets of wings
and eyes that covered it
the way scales blanket fish.
It lived with him for evermore

Here eyes are riders
of unbridled colts.
The colts
are insights
into mysteries.
The mysteries
are partial truths
of the unknowns.

Here twin gun barrel eyes
bore into us,
the curious,
the must-know strangers
unknowing and unknown.

The twin gun barrel eyes
guard her red
and black vagina,
birthplace of new versions,
constellations yet
to be created,
home of primal soup.

(The future may be better known to us
than our own day.)

The bird above her head
sings into being
through parrot beak and skull
all that the eye,
all-seeing, sees.
Her lover turns his back -
but not his eye.

Written for Brian Miller's Theme Thursday, Eyes
* A fresco in a local museum.


Amrit Sinha said...

Amazing theme for the prompt ... lovely !!!

Elephant's Child said...

I have always found Miro's work hypnotic and the longer I gaze the more I see. I love this Dave as it seems you also have gazed long and hard at his work. Thank you.

Daydreamertoo said...

I do think eyes are so important to 'seeing' someone. You can't always tell of course because some people are very good at hiding their true selves too but,usually I like to look people in the eye and see what I think/feel about them from there.
This is brilliant writing Dave. The universe of eyes 'out there' all bought back to the tiny dot called man.

Brian Miller said...

The twin gun barrel eyes
guard her red
and black vagina,
birthplace of new versions,
constellations yet
to be created,
home of primal soup....really love this stanza dave....and really enjoy miro as well..i think you have captured too a bit of the artists mind and eye in this...

reflective essay said...

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Mary said...

I enjoyed this work, Dave; and it makes me want to take more of a look at Miro's work. He really does seem to have a unique style, as do you.

Mrsupole said...

Hi Dave,

A really nice picture for the theme, I kept looking at it and the longer I looked at it the more eyes I kept seeing. I am not sure if I saw all the ones you wrote about so maybe I will have to look at it some more.

Thanks again for sharing with this weeks Eyes Theme Thursday. It really gave us an eyeful.

God bless.

Laurie Kolp said...

Vivid, surreal... much more than meets the eye here (I know, I just couldn't help it).

Anonymous said...

Whoa! This is just terrific. Really all the different eyes and the red and black vagina! I found this very powerful, the close especially too.

Sorry - one typo? The future better known with n?

Take care, and thanks for the great work. k.

ds said...

This is exquisite. A different (and beautiful) kind of poem for you, methinks. I love the opening--how can we have love without eyes? and the way you carry the theme throughout, being Miro's picture and also not. Being more than. Thank you.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Superb work David, the end in particular. I will keep an EYE at this for a long time.

Claudia said...

very interesting...when i was in barcelona i went to the miro foundation and learned a bit about him...i like how you capture his work here dave

Unspoken said...

Lots of great lines here. LOVE the way you ended the piece!

Catch My Words said...

Cool take on eyes. I love the picture too.


Dave King said...

Green Speck
Hi, welcome to the blog. Many thanks for your comment, which is much appreciated.

The Elephant's Child
I agree. I, too, find it hypnotic. Many thanks for your comment.

Fascinating thought, that - the universe of eyes "out there"! Thanks for.

Much thanks for your kind comment. Much appreciated words.

reflective essay
And thanks for your visit. Good to have you aboard.

Dave King said...

Wow, compared with Miro! That will keep me going for a day or two. Thanks!

Hi and welcome. Good to have you visiting. Thanks so much for the response. It is much appreciated.

I can live with that! Thanks for.

Thanks a lot. Really encouraging . Not sure how I missed that particular typo, though - I'd looked at that line so many times!

Thanks for a most appreciative comment. These really do mean a great deal.

Good on yer! Thanks.

Ha, you've stolen a mach on me there. I've been to Barcelone a couple of times, but never made it to the Miro foundation. Perhaps next time...

She Writes
Welcome. Thanks very much for saying. Good to know.

daydreamer dreams
Much thanks. Good to have your visit.

A warm welcome to the blog. Thanks so much for the comment.

Sreeja said...

Oh this is beautiful....you have lived some moments on that work.....

Ygraine said...

Your masterpiece here has led me to another - Miro's!
I hadn't been an enormous fan of his work, but you've encouraged me to look more deeply.
Just goes to show - you're never too old to learn! Hehe

Lydia said...

I love this....would even if I didn't see eyes in just about everything!
Yours is the first Theme Thursday I've ever seen (that I am aware of).

Dave King said...

Hi, and a big welcome to the blog. Thanks for the comment.

Hearing this gladdens the old heart no end! Thanks so much for telling.

Hi, This was only the second (maybe third?) Theme Thursday I've attempted. Seeing eyes in everything, you and Miro should be soul mates! Thanks again.

Dulcina said...

Your eyes have seen MirĂ³'s eyes accurately, but don't you think blind people can love without seeing...?
Don't you think they can imagine Miro's images in their brains?(I must confess I wonder what they can "see" in their grey matter)
Anyway, your keen description has helped me look at this picture from another perspective, thanks!

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