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Wednesday 3 October 2012

One Guy's Whacky... Another Guy's Scoot

A small boy on a scooter on  a bollard,
balancing with one wheel out in space...
well, it hardly gets a mention or a glance,
it is so commonplace around here, and so cool.

But this morning's scooter perched up on a porch roof...
well, that made me turn my head to steal a second look!
Admittedly, it lacked the human interest -
the small boy had deserted and gone home...
at least, that's what I'm tempted to surmise,
for the scooter-decorated house is childless
and the occupant a child-unfriendly sort of soul.

So the puzzles I am posing for this morning
are: whose red scooter is it up there on that roof;
and where's the boy who jumped it eight feet high?
And if it's true that balancing on bollards
is easy peasy, baby brother stuff round here,
then to see the way they land on them is somethin else.
It's cross your fingers, hold your breath and say a prayer.

I saw a boy a week or so ago, 
scootering (they call it) on the square
whilst whirling scooter number two around his head.
And from the elevated section of the square
I've seen them leap the steps, the ramp, the wall
to land with great aplomb among their friends,
but still I have to wonder which bionic boy
can leap the eight feet (upwards) to my neighbour's roof.


Gerry Snape said...

I wish that I was young again and in with the local scooter group! They seem so fearless...and this really captures that magic feeling Dave!

Elephant's Child said...

Some of their leaps have me holding my breath, certain that they cannot land safely. Fortunately so far I have always been wrong.
If you find out more about this fascinating leap I would love to hear about it.

Mary said...

The young with their scooters can definitely experience brave jumps....but, hmm, perhaps the out-of-place scooter might be an early Halloween prank? You have captured my imagination, Dave.

Ella said...

I love the wonder in your piece
I think someone is playing a prank on the boy
I hope I m wrong
I know I too hold my breath, when
I witness the wonders on bikes n boards
Keep us posted
Great job on wonder

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Dave, I love the way you told this story........the tricks kids do with those things are amazing and rather terrifying......I too would love to know the story behind the scooter on the roof.....

Chèvrefeuille said...

Amazing what youngsters can with skates, boards, bikes and scooters. Wonderful poem.

Brian Miller said...

sorry i am late ran out of time this morning dave....and if it was my house it would be bacause my great uncle threw it up there....if he ever found our bikes out he would hang them in trees.....fun piece man

Ygraine said...

I'm always absolutely amazed at their skills too. I can happily sit for hours just watching those brave moves and envying their agility!
But the scooter on the roof...well I've never seen one jump THAT high... still, you never know!

rch said...

It's amazing to watch them go but on top of a roof? Must have been quite a daredevil!

Janine Bollée said...

Our villages around here no longer have a post-office, police house,shop or farmacy, cricket club or football pitch, but many of them have a skateboard park. Go figure.
Love to see a picture of this red thing on the roof.

Linda said...

Wow...you write so well, Dave, and really know how to hold one's interest.

Cloudia said...

"to land with great aplomb among their friends,"

Such an apt, satisfying summation of the entire piece, like the fragment of a hologram that contains the whole. Lovely "toy"

Aloha from Honolulu,

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Dave King said...

Know what you mean, know what you mean! Guess we're stuck with the vicarious enjoyment!

The Elephant's Child
Sure, will do. And thanks.

Mmmm, bit early for Halloween - but I did wonder about lads on the way home from the pub...

Thanks for this. Will do.

Sherry Blue Sky
I'll see if I can dig it out.

Hi and a warm welcome to you. Thanks for yourvisit and your kind words.

I shaould very much have liked to meet your great uncle. Sounds very much like my two cousins from Canada who spent part of the war with us, posted here by the Canadian Air Force.
Great funsters.

I'm not convinved. No, not at all - I just thought it would make a great story...
Still, as you say, you never know...

I should have liked to see it, yes - if that is what happened!

You tell a tale that is becoming all too common, I'm afraid.

Thanks Linda. Much appreciate your words.

And a great comment to end with! Thanks.