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Tuesday 30 October 2012


Words fall in
and words fall out
they're just like you and me.
Some get on and some are wrong,
some are right
right from the start -
some have drawn the humble part.

Most get by, 
though some are fly
and take us for a ride.
Some will mourn the loss sustained
when some old meaning died.

Some pair up
and some are cliquey,
some are bonding,
some are hippy.

The poet threads them into strings
to sing of things that nature brings.

Some trickle from the poet's pen
like an escape of gas:
alto, tenor, contrabass.

The painter's brush
with blobs and flicks,
the maestro's booms and clicks,
the wine press of the poet's mind
all turn words to fluid thought,
each of its special kind.

Graffiti give them second birth.
Alive they are, and doing well
in the bowels of the earth.

Some jump up 
and some fall down
(they're frail as frail can be),
some will build their holy city,
some a Godless town;
some are writing their new rules -
see the way the meaning spools
out beyond the shitty.

Some will dance
and others prance,
meanings come
(though most by chance),
other meanings go,
carried in the awful flow
to worlds that hardly spare a glance
and hardly want to know.


kaykuala said...

Words are what words are. They are versatile, meaningful all on their own strength! Nicely Dave!


Tabor said...

A different song in your dance today, I see.

Brian Miller said...

the wine press of the poet's mind...i love that turn of phrase man....smiles....so cool and true...and i am rather fond of graffiti as well...words and their play have taken my heart....nice verse dave....

Mary said...

You have brought words to life, Dave! I enjoyed this.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Ah words Dave - what would we bloggers do without them?

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Simply a delight from the beginning to the end. Made to be read aloud. I won't resist, and after these end-of- October holidays, will read it in class.

Elephant's Child said...

Some days I love the elasticity of words, and others it bothers me. Today your homage to them is a delight. Thank you.

Dave King said...

No they're not, not always: they can be tricky, subversive things. They waylay you sometimes and hit you over the head. You have to distinguish between the friendly and the deceivers, the wolves in sheep's clothing!

And again this morning... I hope you will agree.

I too have a soft spot for graffiti. it tensds to be more vigorous than a lot of published stuff.

Thank you. Very kind and much appreciated.

The Weaver of Grass
Draw pictures? Go back to hieroglyphic diagrams? That's what the manufacturers are doing for their so-called manuals these days!

You possibly can't imagine what a great good feeling this gives me. I do miss the classroom at times. At least I can now feel I shall be back there for this occasion at least by extension. Hearty thanks.

The Elephant's Child
And thank you. Yes, I do know what you mean. The elasticity is both part of their glory and part of their potential downfall.

Anonymous said...

This is so clever - you are on a roll = I love the beginning and the flow - and the rather physical black holely sort of end. And I too appreciate the energy of the graffitti here - though there's really a time and place for it - I hate seeing it in Venice for example. k.

A Cuban In London said...

Words, words, words! Capricious, little creatures. Sometimes I think they're live beings, watching us from the print page, seeing us suffer and agonise over them. Marvellous poem. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.