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Thursday 1 November 2012

How was it for you? -- A very unspooky Halloween.

A massive pile of funny sweets
and other stuff to pass as treats
had been assembled in the hall
in preparation for the call
of spectres who might be around
or denizens of hell's dark pit
who'd come to haunt us for a bit.

We waited hours, and all in vain,
disturbed by neither hoot nor chain,
until the sound of ghostly --what?--
palm or fist of ghost or crackpot?
Alas, no spectre rang our bell,
no entity at all from hell,
just this one, insistent thump chink chink --
the bell, I found was on the blink
and none but this fraternity
had had the spunk to bother me.

A nurse there was, intent to minister,
but nothing there you might call sinister;
a fairy too, complete with wand,
a gorgeous redhead and a blonde --
enough to tempt me to abscond,
but nothing there to shock or fright...
were others hiding from the light...
until I saw their type of fun:
the nurse had pulled a taser gun.

A cowboy stood with legs real bowed,
a lassoo and a lamp that glowed,
but pitifully, none too bright --
it couldn't pierce the murky night.
The rain was coming down in sheets;
Riot inc. Beware the streets
a tattered, blood-stained banner read --
persuading me to head for bed.


Daydreamertoo said...

LOL...Kind of a damp squid of a Halloween then eh.
All of this gave me a smile Dave, thank you :)

Tabor said...

No one ever begs us for candy as we live at the end of a long street and down a long dark lane. Too bad, so sad.

Anonymous said...

This was the first year I didn't trick-or-treat since I was a toddler and I definitely missed it. Still, if I showed up at your door, my costumes were always more on the humorous side than scary. Well, I'm off to raid someone's candy stash since I don't have one of my own... :)

Brian Miller said...

riot inc....ha....we had 2 visitors last night...it stinks....we did go over to another neighborhood and saw a bunch more but...

Ygraine said...

We had no visitors either.
Isn't it rather sad that a mere downpour scared away all those wandering entities and demons?!
I honestly thought they were made of sterner stuff than that!! Hehehe

A super write, Dave :)

Mary said...

No visitors here, Dave. Not very populated right here. No kids would want to walk this distance for few homes.

Cloudia said...

you paint quite a full picture.
Something there is, that loves
couplets! (I produce them spontaneously quite often as you may have noticed...)

Aloha from Waikiki, Friend
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

> < } } (°>

<°)333><( ~


Claudia said...

oh that made me smile...i had not one single visitor here in the hotel..well..wasn't expecting anything else...smiles

haricot said...

In Japanese the cultural events became to be popular quite lately, and I guess ours have no such exciting nor mysterious aspects.
Unforgrttable memories for children!

Elephant's Child said...

No visitors here, despite our purchase of sweet treats. They will of course find a home - but the children who didn't arrive can metabolise sugar and empty calories so much better than I can.
I loved your damp squid, and empathised thoughout.

Dave King said...

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and comments. They are very much appreciated.

Now: roll on firework night? Or not?

Janine Bollée said...

Count yourself lucky.
We used to have streams of them in upstate NY. Local kids. Here we had them demanding money because they didn't care for our choice of sweets or apples.
Besides the weather isn't conducive to walking round at present.