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Monday 11 February 2013

Ancient Dreams

Some dreams lie deep
beneath the flux
and tidal flow
of tidy minds.

Titanics on the ocean floor,
ships of dreams,
your dreams of mine.
Dreams we had and lost
six lives ago.

Dark dreams that hunger,
sunk in deep despair;
and dreams of light and cheer:
all bottled in 
the darkness of the sea
and indistinguishable there.

These images need rescuing,
transporting to our world.
Real-world exposure
reveals the substance to the mind.

How shall we rescue them,
these ancient wrecks?
How shall we drag them to
the surface or the shore?

They're colonised by now.
A million different life forms,
all unknown to us,
have long since called them home.

And can we see the loss of them
as something spiritual?
Like all forms of decay
and natural change,
it's part of nature's plan
for life. We'll be content
to join it there.


lucychili said...

Love this Dave. Evocative journey into the depths.

Ygraine said...

If only we could dive deep enough to retrieve those dreams of light and cheer that we lost six lives ago...could this be the true secret of eternal happiness?

Oh how you've touched my Soul with this piece, Dave.
I am moved to tears.

Brian Miller said...

some dreams perhaps it is best we left...but i like to think that some we could resurface and pursue once more...really nice piece man....def struck a cord...

Mary said...

Ah, decay is part of nature's plan indeed. Even with dreams, I fear. And, yes we will indeed join them too. Sigh. A thoughtful poem.

kaykuala said...

Titanic, a dream unfulfilled after it was launched. Now decades after it still remains a mysterious wreck. Nicely Dave!


Kass said...

I really like this expression of dreams being sunken treasures at the bottom of the ocean. Whether or not they're recovered is up to capricious explorers.

Manicddaily said...

This is a wonderful "Full Fathoms Five" told with the mind as the sea. Agh. Mine is so sunken. It is a lovely metaphor, beautifully-expressed - k.

ds said...

"how shall we rescue them, these ancient wrecks?" Much to ponder here, sir. Beautifully rendered. Thank you.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

How true and what an intense lyrical pace with an elegy force.

Cloudia said...

I find your work jewel-like, and enjoy it much - unlike much of the dreck out there preening itself.

Aloha to YOU, D
from Honolulu,
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° >

Dave King said...
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Dave King said...

Thank you so much for saying this, it is very much appreciated.

Wow, this is someresponse! I do thank you for it - and, yes maybe if we could bring the old drems and other bits of wreckage up into the light of day, that might well be some sort of salvation, some springboard to eternal happiness - assuming we are potentially eternal, of course. Thanks for a most gratifying comment.

Thanks Brian, and yes, I am sure I have old dreams that I deliberately scuppered. I wouldn't necessarily want them popping back to the surface, but there are others... perhaps unknown... never were recognised for what they were... it would beinteresting to take hold of them and see what we would see!

Thanks Mary. Yes, I was originally thinking of the garden and the great outdoors, where decay makes rebirth possible, but then thought the concept might be t ransferrable to dreams.

And a nice analogy drawn. Thanks for.

Thanks Kass. Always good to know your thoughts on things.

Oh, I do love this for a comment! Lovely. Thanks so much for.

Ah, now you have put your finger on the crux of the problem. How shall we, indeed?
Back to the thinking stool.

Thank you. A reply that means a great deal to me.

Thank you SO much. This is a really good comment to receive.