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Friday 1 February 2013

Dragonfly in a Spider's Web

And how the hell did I do this?
A web to hold me...? Well,
that's got to be some web - and then some!
Strands of bungy rope, steel hawsers,
they might do... Titanium, no less!
So, how did I not see this edifice, this trap?
Completely blanked it. Flew straight in!
Embarrassing or what? A bloody sin!

Conspicuous by its absence, though,
the owner of this down-town joint, 
whose never met the likes of me! 
This livery should overawe,
it says sod off and know your place.
You, oozing ugliness from every pore,
stand back and bow to natural grace!
For sure, he's up against a bit of class 
and not your normal, stinking fly. Don't think
of me as horse- or house. If that's his stand,
well then his error's more than grand!

I'll keep the web convulsing for a bit...
he's throwing up by now, I'll bet. He hasn't met
vibrations at this level of intensity -- and that's for sure...
or is he boxing clever, waiting 'til my thrashings
have exhausted me? So maybe i'll ease off a tad...
I'll let him get a real good look at me.
I'm bigger, smarter, better kitted out...
I'll let him make his own decision
not to tangle with the likes of me.
Class will out... but what is this? Last thing
I needed... lousy timing... slow paralysis!
Having been inspired by the prompt at Poetry Jam to write a piece on how the world might look to a fly with its many faceted eye, I was then so taken by Mary's fine poem about a spider musing on this prey(here) that I determined to write one from the point of view of the victim. This is it.


Jinksy said...

Translates itself rather well to the modern workplace, methinks, where high flying newcomers may meet a similar fate! Hehehe! Loved your take on this subject. :)

Brian Miller said...

haha...yeah those vibrations will surely entangle you and only delight the waiting spider who patiently lets you wear yourself out...ha...but i can def see as well the greater metaphor too...smiles...

Mary said...

Excellent, Dave! I loved the descriptions the dragonfly used..."titanium, no less." And, of course, he speaks with bravado as well...thinking he can beat the web. Nope, that spider is in for a wonderfully tasty treat. I REALLY enjoyed this response to my poem. Thank you!

Rachna Chhabria said...

Excellent Dave, I love this poem.

Sarav said...

Dave, I love dragonflies and you captured (ha!) Their haughtiness so well. A very fun and well-written poem! :-)

Jennifer Wagner said...

'Pride goes before destruction,
a haughty spirit before a fall' and all...

'he's throwing up by now, I'll bet ha! Fun read Dave. Enjoyed this perspective.

Helen said...

Oooooooh, a step into my parlor romp! Poor fly, he is doomed! There are good vibrations .. and then there are %%%***@@@ 'the killer kind.'

Leovi said...

Excellent poem, I like how you developed the point of view of the victim.

Ygraine said...

Poor, disillusioned dragonfly!
Can't imagine anything more terrifying than being caught in a spider's wed...that realisation of certain death to come.
I used to have recurring nightmares of being caught in a giant web and seeing the spider menacingly approaching.

Am reaching for a vodka & coke now - just to calm my nerves, of course!!!

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

The feeling of a strangling brightness. Superb poem.

Grace said...

A lovely response Dave ~

I like the sentiments of lousy timing and slow paralysis ~

Dave King said...

Take your point, yes indeedy! Thanks.

Ah, just sometimes methinks metaphors can get you into trouble! Thanks.

Thanks. Yes, I tried to see the dragonfly as rather superior and assured of his own bullet-proofness.

Thanks for saying.

Just what I was hoping folk would think! Thanks.

Hi, Good to have you visiting and good to have your comment.

Poet Laundry
Thanks for the kind comment. (Throwing up, I thought, was what I would have been doing by then!)

Absolutely. Love this you've almost a sound poem there!

Good to hear you saying so. Thanks for.

Yes, I can imagine how terrifying that dream would be. I think it would have gone with me into the day. I had some horrendous dreams as a boy, but never that one.

Love the phrase. Thank you very much.

Thanks Grace, useful view to have.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Excellent bouncy write Dave - loved the ending - loved it all for that matter.

Anna :o]

Peggy said...

Yet another blog where my comment posted yesterday or the day before did not show up!! I like your poem about the arrogant dragonfly. Thanks for visiting my blog as well!