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Thursday 11 March 2010

(Bonus) Haiku #78

Some bathroom jollies?
What else are we to make of
a world plumbing day?


CiCi said...

Potty talk, my friend? Smile.
Hope your day is great. And hope you have no plumbing problems.

Bagman and Butler said...

Another fine haiku. When did we feel the need to name every month, week, and day. Everyone wants equal time! We should lobby for having at least one day of the year that is named for nothing. But then, I guess it would eventually be thought of as World Just a Day Day.

Dan Gurney said...

My son, who is living in little village in west Africa, would probably be willing to whoop it up a bit.

He's lived without any plumbing--his water is carried up from a stream--for the past year and a half.

Anairam said...

I'm enjoying your haikus. This is so weird - I have just finished three. (Haikus I mean, not bathroom jollies.) It was for a Keri Smith 'challenge' and I had to remind myself of the rules for haikus first. But I haven't visited your blog for a year or so, and here I arrive, to find ... haikus! Synchronicity or what?

JeannetteLS said...

Bagman... I LOVE it "World just a Day" Day.

world plumbing day. My pathetic brain went to people celebrating walking around with plungers on their heads.

I think I had better go take a nap and see whether I can relocate my brain. Dave, you are most seriously twisted.

One of my favorite things about you!

Friko said...

there really is such a day?
and what sort of plumbing do they wish to honour? Human plumbing or the place where you employ t?

Ronda Laveen said...

I don't know what it is about bathroom humor that makes me laugh.

Madame DeFarge said...

World is going down the tubes.

Karen said...

I was going to make a crack about that. Oops! I just did!


This is a perfect haiku, with a very light mood

Dorraine said...

Half price plumbing perhaps?

Mariana Soffer said...

Wise words, about slightly unpleasant things we have in life.

Tongue Trip said...

chanced upon your blog and am i glad i did! you are amazing at haiku. really.

Dave King said...

Apologies for missing out on a previous post. Now corrected.

Techno Babe
Potty in both senses of the word?

Bagman and Butler
Amen, I'm for a nothing day!

I guess that's the sort of set-up the day is really about. All power to him. Thanks for bringing us back to reality.

Welcome back. Really good to have you. We do our humble best. The web is built on synchronicity, I've decided.

Good, 'coz I don't deny being twisted!

There is. No human I'd have thought! Plumbing the depths, perhaps?

I think we're all that way.

Madam DeFarge
Yup. Still, the tubes should be properly plumbed, don't you think?

A crack? Souely not?

Thanks for the compliments.


Better than slightly unpleasant words about the wiser things, eh?

Tongue Trip
Welcome to the blog. Good to hav e you. Thank you for the comment.

Nikki... said...

World plumbing day.. Wonder what else is on the way..

Dave King said...

Pass. Thanks.