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Sunday 21 March 2010

Haiku #87

A boy's new windpipe -
they're growing it in situ
from his own stem cells


@ctors Business said...

How long I wonder before we are "growing in situ" not just parts

Helen said...

Whether pro or con ..
It's hard to dispute a cure ..
Using our stem cells.

Linda Sue said...

Parkinson's disease
fetus in the dumpster
there are no winners

People do not recycle, efficaciously, scientifically, without getting all peculiar about godstuff.That very stuff invented by them to keep them from moving forward.
Weird, people are.

Madame DeFarge said...

Probably means that he can blow his own trumpet.

Kass said...

Bravo Helen and
Linda Sue for producing
responsive Haiku.

Master Dave is quite
the inspiration to his
loyal reading fans.

Dave King said...

Mmmm, good question .

Not con. Wondering...
how does he manage meantime
while the new one grows?

Linda Sue
If God had meant us...
Maybe He did not mean us...
Wonder who he meant.

Madame DeFarge
Like it. Well said.

The loyal readers
are the ones who most inspire -
wherefor thanks to them.

Ronda Laveen said...

I, too, wondered how they are keeping him a live while it grows. I wonder how long it will take. Amazing.

steven said...

dave in my own experiencing huntingtons, parkinsons, cancer, heart disease, aids, ms have caused friends and family to fly away sooner than they might otherwise. love sustained the stranglehold they had on joy for none of them died sad. but a child shouldn't die. steven

Fragrant Liar said...

I like it. Very thought provoking, espcially as evidenced by your commenters.

Fragrant Liar said...

Dave, everytime I leave you a comment, I get an error message in my mailbox. Even when I email you directly to tell you so.


Carl said...

Another thought provoking question in 17 syllables. Amazing.


Anonymous said...

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Rachel Fenton said...

That was so subtle it was very powerful. "In situ": such imagery and abstraction from that. Great.

Dave King said...

Apparently they have given him a "bald" pipe while they grow his stem cells on it. - I'm not sure if that helps me to understand or not!

That is both tremendously inspiring and sadly true, I find. Thanks for your contribution.

Fragrant Liar
Much thanks for that.
AH! That old thing again! I keep getting that. Be assured, I still get the message, though. Are you mailing me at
davidalexking@googlemail.com ? If you are you should not be getting the problem. Sorry about that.

Mmm the thought I've been having is that if so many of society's ills can b e reduced to 17 syllables, how many should it take to solve them?

Very many heart-felt thanks for that contrib ution. It is much appreciated.

Again, my grateful thanks and very much appreciated.

Carl said...

Dave - With energy, focus and cooperation we are capable of great things as a people.

Unknown said...

Hi Dave,

A little late here but the comments/replies provide interesting info/views. The wonders of science are just that!

CiCi said...

So few words to instigate great comments and thinking.