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Wednesday 31 March 2010

Haiku #98

Fucking, "Down Under",
loses so many road signs,
stolen by tourists!


Elisabeth said...

'Down under' in my vernacular refers to us Australians down under, or is there some other more literary type allusion here that I've missed, Dave?

David Cranmer said...

That was a good morning chuckle.

Kass said...

Fucking (German pronunciation: [ˈfʊkɪŋ]) is an Austrian village in the municipality of Tarsdorf. Of course people steal their signs, just like guests stole emblems from Logan, Utah's Balling Motel (owners claimed it rhymed with fouling).

Dave King said...

Thanks for the replies. Yes, Elisabeth, I did mean Fucking in Australia. I would have written Australia, not "Down Under" but didn't think it rhythmic enough - and too many syllables!
And now the Germans are about to market a new beer, I hear: called "Fucking Hell" - I wonder which pronunciation they will choose!

The Turning Point said...

Fucking's taxes up
Not Funny


Kass said...

Dave - Did Australia copy Austria? I wonder about the pronunciation too. I think it has the same meaning no matter how you say it.

I apologize for thinking you had mistaken Australia for Austria. I didn't scroll down far enough when googling the location of the city. I'm amazed both places have the distinction of this town-naming, what with the similarities of the beginning of their spellings. Both towns do have the same sign-stealing problem.

The new beer sounds promising. In this case, the old saying will be wrong - the road to fucking hell won't be paved with good intentions.

Rallentanda said...

Funny you should mention fucking 'down under'.It has just been reported that British tourists are treating Oz as some kind of 'get your rocks off' destination and spreading STD here like wildfire.There is a move afoot to make all UK holiday makers undergo a medical examination before they are allowed leave the airport. So chaps if you've got rumpy pumpy in mind get yourselves
sorted before you get here!

Dave King said...

Turning Point
Definitely not funny. I agree.

No apology called for. I hadn't known about the one in Austria.

Hi and welcome to the blog.
Yeah, I had heard we Brits were treating Oz that way. I suppose they have to go somewhere to do it, it's so unBritish!

Helen said...

Dave, I can't resist .....

Intercourse PA -
How many signs go missing?
What a souvenir!

Noxalio said...


similarly "Blue Jay Way",
a narrow, twisty, road
in the hills
of Hollywood
looses it's
one main
street sign
almost once a week,
no matter what they do,

been so
for ages now.

at the top of the hill
is a house
the Fab Four rented
for a while,
way back when,
where they composed
the song,
which starts off
"There's a fog upon LA,
And my friends have lost their way")



Ronda Laveen said...

I'm not prone to stealing but, in that instance, I would probably give it some thought. They need to make them out of something people don't like. I've an idea or two...

I think either pronunciation for the beer will work equally well:-)

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. Lovely post. The Evil Tourists are back!

Dave King said...

Good. I appreciated that. Well done.

Great - and a bit more subtle, too!
Welcome to the blog, good to have you aboard.
(I hadn't scrolled down far enough. I've only just read the second half. Excellent, would have made a post in its own right.)

Ah, you can't stop there!
So do I. I wouldn't be too bothered ab out the pronunciation.

Mr Stupid
And taking all the posts, too!

Unknown said...

Only caught a glimpse of this before it disappeared from my reader yesterday! Had to come back. Some people are so juvenile! :0)