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Friday 18 March 2011

Earth shattering and Dust Cloud

Earth Shattering
Dust Cloud

These two images were the result of just playing around with various drawings. Any relevance to recent events in Japan is purely fortuitous - or decidedly uncanny - as they were made before the earthquake. You might notice, though, that in the interests of green issues, characters have been recycled.


Titus said...

Wow Dave, stunning. The first has a Paleolithic feel, but also hints of Hiroshima.
The beauty of the colours in the second gives it a less cataclysmic air, but then the new figure is so ominous!
Liked them, and the complexity of response, very much.

Isabel Doyle said...

As you say rather eerie - they also remind me of rock paintings. Superb.

Carl said...

Each one tells a dozen stories.

Tabor said...

I have no artistic talent but do have fun with the photo art stuff. These are haunting.

Helen said...

Surreal, haunting (as Tabor commented) ... I love the things you do.

Windsmoke. said...

These images remind me of Aboriginal cave paintings in outback Australia :-).

Dave King said...

Thanks for those observations. I must say, I'm seeing a lot of stuff that I don't remember putting there! Since the events in Japan, I've tended to see connections with them.

Hi and good to have your visit. Rock paintings? Yup! Hadn't thought of those, but I see them now. Thanks.

Thanks. I've invested in new software. Updated software, really. I was just playing to find out what I could do with it.

I'm using the photo approach more and more to circummvent the problem of shaky hands.

Lovely to have your remarks. thanks so much.

Again, I see the echoes. Thanks for pointing them out.

Rose said...

Beautiful images. Love the detail! I have commented on this before but it seems it disappeared :)

Carl said...

What software do you use?

Momo Luna S!gnals said...

Wow these are great David! Mysterious and dreamlike.

Crafty Green Poet said...

they're quite eerie, and I'm always in favour of recycling characters!

totomai said...

a part of it is eerie but very interesting

Louise said...

Great detail and imagery, hauntingly wonderful.

Dave King said...

Thanks to you All.
As you may have read, I am having trouble getting Blogger to let me in to the comments and even more trouble leaving replies. so please accept this general thank you until I can get things sorted.

A warm welcome, though, to totamai