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Wednesday 23 March 2011

Stuff won't lie down these days!

Everything is taking liberties, these days.
Only last week, the moon moved in on us,
invaded our earth-space and sucked the water
from the Solent - some of it - and left five ships
there, high and dry on sandbanks. Ne'er a "by your leave"!

A river that they'd buried (culverted,
they called it) had the cheek to pop up - uninvited -
in some poor devil's private Shangri-la -
his personal back garden, mind you.
No sense of it's submissiveness. No "by your leave".

My bathroom mirror has been taking liberties.
It shows me faces that I semi-recognise
but less than half believe. It pulls them from
some form of hat - a joke hat - I should think.
Stuff's got no sense of dignity, these days.

Computers are supposed to free us from our chores.
Instead, they're into taking liberties with us.
They give us stuff we never asked for and don't want,
and scatter cookies round the world with stuff on us.
Things no longer do what people tell them to.

And not just stuff. Animals and people too.
The foxes have been taking liberties by our front door.
Someone said they're teaching us their language, see?
Or trying to. They never asked, What liberty is that?
The animals don't worship us the way they should.

There's folk who use my name. I never said.
The Government's chief scientist was one,
and some professor uses my name all the time.
There was a comic once who called himself Dave King -
and never any royalties would come from him!


Louise said...

Ah Dave, that made my morning. I'm off to make a cup of coffee and think about all the liberties other things and people take, and wondering how many I do myself!!

Gerry Snape said...

What a great one Dave...you are genius!!

[the word verification is matie] too familiar!!

Isabel Doyle said...

The cheek of rivers and moons and mirrors, to say nothing of foxes and imposters ... great fun Mr King

Titus said...

Oh, I enjoyed the persona. Lovely movement from topic to topic too.

Anonymous said...

I knew a David King once ... he was a year or so older than my son and played on the same rugby squad - moved to Queensland and played there too ... anybody ever mistake you for him?

CiCi said...

You saucy dude, Dave. This is quite fun reading. Everything and everyone taking liberties all over the place and across the board. I can think of some in various places too. I like the "just plain talk " in this post.

Tabor said...

So you think all these cookies on the Internet is the reason I am not loosing weight? Such liberties!!

LR Photography said...

Well done Dave...you are a King.

Dave King said...

120 Socks
No, you should never wonder about the liberties YOU take!

Thanks, but Matie, even if too familiar, is probably nearer the mark than genius!

Indeed, I prefer to take the fun aline rather than the exasperation one. Thanks Isabel.

Glad you liked it. Thanks.

Nope, but in my class, my first year of teaching, I had David Lloyd George, Roy Rogers, Victor Sylvester (jones) and Peter Wilson, who was then a well-known sports writer.

I could have gone on for quite a long time, but I thought enough is enough!

Quite possibly, yes, worth looking into!

A couple of years back we went on a cruise. My swipe card for boarding and embarking bore the name King David, which had the Fillipino crew in hysterics.