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Sunday 19 June 2011

Eve before the apple

Eve before the apple dreamt
in softened pastel shades
of limpid waters, shady nooks,
pale suns and gentle rains.
And Adam too, was placid, calm
and even in his ways.

But something in the apple burnt,
a poison at its core
that left her with a taste for fire -
unknown in Eden's bounds -
a thirst that Paradise itself
could never satisfy.


SG said...

Yeah, such are the temptations of life. Often one doesn't realize, what one has gotten into.

lucychili said...

mm apples are tricksy fruit
i like the feeling of the time before apples

Carl said...

The garden was ignorance at its finest. Truth and knowledge can be a bitter pill indeed.

My vision of the garden has a hammock and I would have a quiet brain. Then again not sure i would trade my creative fire.

Louise said...

Gosh, great, but I feel I wanted more. Guess I am too greedy - blaming apple!

CiCi said...

Starting way back then, some people are never satisfied. No wonder men were always silencing women and keeping them home and pregnant! Ha.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Very, very true. Great poem signalling the "craving" we are made of.

Jenny Woolf said...

Thought provoking idea that Paradise wasn't good enough.

Windsmoke. said...

Very vivid and profound :-).

Mary said...

Interesting that there were always people who looked beyond paradise, sought more.

Dave King said...

Thanks to you all

What strikes me about The Garden is that every one seems to have their own individual take on it. I doubt there are two people anywhere who see it in exactly the same way. The same can be said of Heaven. I was never satisfied with either, and for the same reason: they both need someting beyond themselves to make sense of them. Heaven, our Parish priest told me when I was a boy, makes sense of this life - and so it would have, had there been something further on to make sense of it.