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Saturday 18 June 2011


Somewhere, surely, there's another Mount Olympus
where tomorrow's Gods convene, new Gods from old,
no greater, no less human than the ones who went before,
Gods we have fashioned faithfully - and all from ancient moulds.
And surely there's a labyrinth, complete with Minotaur,
that we, in new-found innocence will certainly explore.

And somewhere, I'm assuming, there's a Gog and Magog Land,
a promise that some day an improved world will rise
a world restored to glory, and several times life size.
And surely there's a promise hidden somewhere in the dark
that Noah and all his people when this world has been undone
will find their mountain dry again, A Gaia in the sun.


Crafty Green Poet said...

somewhere in a parallel universe?

Other Mary said...

Very good! Most of us create God in our image, and expect her to do our will.

Tabor said...

You must be watching the Syfy channel these days.

Windsmoke. said...

Maybe in a parallel universe just as Crafy Green Poet suggests, very enjoyable all the same :-).

Mary said...

Oh yes, if only this would happen!

Dave King said...

thanks all
Parallel universe it is, then. I don't think it cam from sci-fi land. I haven't warched that channel in quite a while.