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Tuesday 27 December 2011

The Dark Side of the Moon

I am the moon's dark side,
ashamed of what might be
if I should face the earth
and earth face me.

Once known as Satan or the Devil,
but now with many an alias,
I hide my true self from myself,
from each and every one of us.

I am the darkness of the moon -
not dark as in a lack of light,
but unfamiliar and unexplored,
where all that's undesirable is stored.

I am known only in my sleep,
in your analyses of probes you send,
in what you're pleased to make
of each robotic bleep.

You ask what you would see
if you could meet me face to face -
You've dreamed, I hear, of moonscapes
full of poetry and grace.

Not here, my friend; here you will find
those things that you call base.
This is a land where decency
has vanished without trace.

I am the rough side of the moon,
more mountainous and pock-marked than the rest,
abused by asteroids from birth
and left for dead, unburied and unblessed.

This is a recycled, slightly re-edited poem first posted back in May and now entered for Poets United's Poetry Pantry


Dave King said...

My thanks to all who have visited PicsandPoems in my absence. I am not yet fully returned, so normal service is not yet restored, but I will get around to you all ere long!

Hope you all had a rip-roaring Christmas.

And a very happy new year to you and yours.

Mary said...

Dave, I think you have characterized Satan very well in this poem. Dark side of the moon indeed. Hope you have had a Merry Christmas too.

April Plummer said...

That is beautiful! Good luck in the contest and please let us know how you do. You make me wish I could write poetry. I admire so much those who can, and you paint the most beautiful pictures with your words and the way you use them. So glad I found you in the blogging world@

The Unknowngnome said...

It's got rhythm. Now you just need to pair to a blue moon. :D

A fun read, allowing the analysis and comparison between moon and man. (and the man in the moon) :))

Ygraine said...

I have lived on the dark side of the Moon, too, for far longer than I'd intended.
Maybe now is the time to move into the Sun....
Great poem, Dave. Hope you do well:)

Rachel Cotterill said...

Oooh, I like :) Hope you had a great Christmas.

rch said...

Awesome, I'm hearing Pink Floyd in the background ,-)

Windsmoke. said...

I heard Pink Floyd too just like rch and their album Dark Side of the Moon is one of the greatest albums ever recorded :-).

haricot said...

The half of a maning moon is my lost, the half of a waxing moon is my hope.

Brian Miller said...

spent a few years there...not a fun place to be...was thinking more pink floyd which jives with where i was...

Anonymous said...

this is Pink Floyd reloaded :)but more importantly its true just the same.Every individual is made of layers. :)

kaykuala said...

The dark side of the moon can be so inspiring. It's a pity that it was damned unfairly.Great verse!


Dave King said...

Thanks. Yes, a good Christmas. And best wishes to you and yours for the New Year.

Hi, a warm welcome to you. Thank you so much for your generous response. Really good to have your company.

The Unknowngnome
Thanks very much for this. Good to have your thoughts.

I am sure you are right. This is the time to move into the sun.
Have a great New Year.

Much thanks for this. A great New Year to you and yours.

Wow! I'll have a listen, see if I can catch something!

Two of you! I'll have to take your word for it! Thanks!

Well said, and thanks.

No, a good place to get away from.

Hi, Good to have yourhelpful comments. Thanks for visiting.
Have a reall great New Year.

Dave King said...

Absolutely. Couldn't agree more. Thanks.

Sheila said...

Enjoyed this. Although I just watched the most recent Transformers movie and thought of it the whole time I read your poem - it kind of relates

Rose said...

So glad you reposted this it is fantastic I love it !!!