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Sunday 11 December 2011

a way to go

He stood there thinking of the week just past,
then slowly closed the blinds. The early frosts
had savaged her prize blooms. She now seemed one
with them, her waxy skin, so tissue-thin,
so like a petal when the sun shines through,
it glowed, so full of subtleties of shade
and hue. She'd watched it all with hungry eyes:
begonias that should have had months more
to live, their heads inverted on the path
in stages of decay, instead had changed
from beauty into loveliness. She'd seen
it from her made-up bed downstairs, missed not
one detail of the winter's slow advance:
hydrangeas finding subtleties to fit
their fading hues and holding on to their
last fires. She revelled in the natural
masterclass of beauty blossoming in
what we call decay. All things, she'd once said,
she had found too late. Now gardening! Still
under fifty, it had seemed to break the
mould - until this final illness and her
strong content to join in nature's soiree.


jabblog said...

How sad! I think when people know they're dying they find a hunger for things they otherwise have taken for granted. That seemed to be the case with my sister, anyway.

The Unknowngnome said...

Moving piece Dave.

from beauty to loveliness, a masterful way to go, one in bloom.

Brian Miller said...

i agree with jabblog and see that playing out in my FILs life...this one def made me feel sad...

Tabor said...

How sad to find what one loves too late. But then if it is something we love, we will never get enough time with it!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I like the idea of joining in nature's soiree Dave. a good metaphor.

Mary said...

This gave me a chill, Dave. Good lesson for all....don't wait until it is late to find out what or who one loves!

Sheila said...

a somber write, dave. I thought this line was especially poignant - her waxy skin, so tissue-thin,
so like a petal when the sun shines through,
it glowed, so full of subtleties of shade
and hue.

Ygraine said...

Although so sad, there is a wonderful sense of returning to nature's cycle here. It feels like the beginning born of the end.
I love it :)

Windsmoke. said...

Simply stunning indeed :-).

Everything Changes said...


Cait O'Connor said...

Very moving; sad but somehow uplifting at the same time.
I absolutely love this poem Dave.

Old Kitty said...

Awwww! :-( I feel she's the most delicate bloom of all. Beautiful! Take care

Rachel Fenton said...

Life rendered as fragile and transient as an annual. Very well done.

haricot said...

I wish the " soiree" would last longer before the real night will come.

rch said...

DeI'm really impressed by the minute details expressed as though they were the savoring of every last precious moment.

Misterio Vida said...

as usual...impressive :) liked it...

Dave King said...

I can quite see how that might be the case. Thought-provoking comment, thank you for it. Methinks I have ore work to do - it was not meant to be sad, though of couse a certain sadness was at the base of it.

The Unknowngnome
Much thanks for this. Approve your quote!

Thanks Brian. You confirm what I said to Jabblog.

That's a very good point, of course. Thank you.

The Weaver of Grass
Thank you. Good to know that particular metaphor was appreciated.

Sound advice - a maxim I have concistently failed to heed, alas.

Thanks for saying that. Much obliged.

Much thanks for that. I had intended that to be the main thrust of the poem.

Thanks a lot for this.

Everything Changes
Hi, a warm welcome to you. Love the comment! Thanks.

Thank you very much for saying this.

Old Kitty
Nice thought. Thanks. Will do. You too.

Yes, guess this sums it up very succinctly. Thanks for it.

Ah, I cannot but agree with you there, yes indeedy!

Much thanks for a most helpful comment. Valuable feedback indeed!

Good to know. Thanks.