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Friday 12 October 2012

Out of the wood two women came.

I saw two women come from the wood,
both looked evil and both looked good,
both of them glowing, black as pitch.
Mother and daughter, angel, witch -
and no way of telling which was which.
Mother or daughter,
lover, bitch,
both familiar with kiss and switch -
and no man knowing which was which.

Many a man had tried his luck -
Dumb cluck, Moonstruck. Ever the awe struck. -
for the whisper grew that the two were four.
The mother virago and paramour;
the daughter a shrew and one to adore.
Mother, lover,
harlot, amor
whatever one was, she wasn't before -
and no man living could keep the score.

One thing was clear as they came from the wood,
both were evil and both were good,
yet neither was either - so far as things stood.
What should man do, but return to the wood,
to the light of pitch, to the dayglow dark,
to the wood that for man is his friendly ark
where sun and moon rule all that there is -
each of itself its antithesis -
where that is ever a form of this?


haricot said...

Who are they? Goddess or witchs who control the sun and the moon?
Beautiful lines and charming two silhouetes.

Shadow said...

the rhyme, the rhythm, the flow, the imagines, Dave, you've got a gem here...

Other Mary said...

This has a mysterious, mythic feel to it, and wonderful rhyme and flow, as shadow said. I'll refrain from making a joke about men hopelessly trying to figure out women...but it's not easy! ;-)

Brian Miller said...

haha i hear what mary is is saying...i think we will struggle in figuring them out for eternity...lol...nice rhyme and rhythm dave....

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Excellent Dave - love the rhyme and rythmic flow.

Women are easy to figure out Dave - men just don't have the ability to understand our complexities (as they are too wrapped up in their own)... :o]

I do so love men but can't figure them out either...

Anna :o]

Gerry Snape said...

oh I love this one ...what a story and what does it mean?...no it doesn't matter what for the rhythm and rhyme have me in it's clutches!!

Linda said...

I love this one, Dave.

The Weaver of Grass said...

My goodness me Dave - there is mystery here and I think the rhyming helps considerably. Well done. I don't know how you keep up this flow of poetry.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


There is a shiver of an early Halloween appearance of the goulish pair....I am also reminded of three occupants of a chateau in France, near to where I visit. A man and two women,mother and daughter. No-one locally knows the true set-up, but it is as scary as your two creatures from the woods:)

Wolfsrosebud said...

intense write for you... so much drama and great flow... wonder what inspired the piec

Wolfsrosebud said...

intense write for you... so much drama and great flow... wonder what inspired the piec

Mary said...

"both were evil and both were good" sounds to me like the stuff of real life. I think we are all in that same boat!!

Cloudia said...

you bludgeon us joyfully with mad rhymes, and we love it!

Have a Good Weekend,
Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Dave King said...

No one knows who / what they be!

Thanks a lot! (Slightly unexpected!)

Other Mary
It did cross my mind, I must say, the men trying to figure women out bit!

I do agree - but glad you liked the rhythm. Thanks.

Thanks, but the important point is: can you figure out the two women? Personally, I wouldn't want to figure out women per se. Spoil all the fun!

Thanks for saying. There are a wide range of meanings - a menu, in fact - from which the reader can select.

Good to hear. Thanks for saying.

The Weaver of Grass
Thanks. It's pleasing to hear that the rhyming helps. That was what I had hoped. I was without a post until the eleventh hour with this one. It rather came in a rush.

Interesting. Thanks. When I was a boy we had a latge house near us. It had extensive grounds. No one - so far as I knew - had ever seen the occupants except as shadows on the blinds at night - and this was war time, mind! Two women - as far as we could tell. There were all sorts of tales - and we made up more!

Desperation was the inspiration. I had nothing to post! Thanks for the comment.

I go along with that.

You say the nicest things - for which, thanks. Have a great weekend yourself.

Ygraine said...

Aah yes, we women are the eternal shape shifters!
But would a man want us any other way?
THAT is the million dollar question!!!

A Cuban In London said...

My head was bobbing up and down as I read it. It's a beautiful piece that allows each reader to create its own rhytmic pattern. Loved the inclusion of "amor" and "antithesis". I imagine that as a poet you set yourself challenges. May I just say that you seem to overcome them very easily? :-)

Greetings from London.