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Monday 17 December 2012

My Own Little Galaxy

I'm wondering... could I... possibly
count myself as experienced now?
First day of my second year... well, no. Perhaps not!
One year, though... ought to count for something... no?
New Class. The School's Misfits - That's the 
last head's terminology. New head 
with new ideas. The new ideas
do not include misfit mentalities.

The whistle goes, the pupils line up class
by class. The head appears. Inspects the troops,
walks down the lines. Arrives at mine.
The leading boy is dressed for the wild west.
Ten Gallon hat - well, relative to his pint-size.
Six-shooters on his hips, check shirt and jeans.
"And what is your name, pray?" (The head.)
Roy Rogers, sir! "I haven't time to play
these games. I'll ask you one more time - Your name?"
Roy Rogers, sir!  Roy is dispatched
upstairs to wait outside the head's room for
some resolution of this impasse. So Roy clatters off,
his spurs banging together as he goes. The head
moves on to the next boy. "Your name?"
I'm David Lloyd George, sir! "Are you?
Well, you also can have one more try... Your name, now --
if you please." I'm David Lloyd George, sir! 
What follows is a repetition of the first affair.
As is the Peter Wilson farce that follows it.
Victor Sylvester is almost the last straw.

Shortly afterwards the head arrives to interview
his motley crew. Takes down the register, consults
it earnestly - and there they are, the way they said
they were. Roy Rogers, clear enough. And David
Lloyd George in a strong, plain hand. Further down,
there's Peter Wilson. And at the very bottom even
Victor Sylvester of dance band fame. 
The head's all smiles: I should have known,
with Dave King for your teacher, he was bound
to rustle up a few celebrities.
Dramatis Personae
Roy Rogers :born Leonard Franklin Slye (November 5, 1911 – July 6, 1998), was an American singer and cowboy actor.
David Lloyd George :Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and led a Wartime Coalition Government.
Peter Wilson :A towering figure in British sports writing.
Victor Sylvester :English dancer, author, musician and bandleader from the British dance band era.
Dave King :English comedian, actor, and vocalist of popular songs. Had his own T.V. show with top ratings.


Cait O'Connor said...

Love it, love it, love it
Pure genius.

Sabio Lantz said...

Ahhh, teaching memories ! Thanks for the British celeb notes. I guess comedy comes with the name, just as the man said.

Mary said...

This was a fun write, Dave! Made me smile this morning. I used to be a great Roy Rogers fan. Even wrote to him and got an autographed picture!!

kaykuala said...

Your namesake too, Dave! Gosh you're treading the same path as the celebrities! Brilliant job here!


Brian Miller said...

haha very nice....made me smile...no celebs in my group...def can relate to the head assuming and moving toward punishment without verifying....cool piece man...

Grace said...

Namesakes and famous names...enjoyed this Dave ~

Thanks for sharing ~

The Weaver of Grass said...

Loved this Dave - it really made me laugh.

Elephant's Child said...

Loud smiles - and thank you. The class of misfits made me think of 'The Freedom Writers' Diary'. Have you come across it - my book of the year I think.

Cloudia said...

Gob smacked prof

Unknown said...

creative Dave. Really neat. I knew a roy rogers once, we'd always ask him how trigger's doing. He was a good sport, probably got it all his life. Nice piece here. Thanks

Dave King said...

Very kind of you to say this. Thank you.

Yup, thought theey might be useful for those not into ancient history!

I mey R.R once - on the stage with Billy Graham! And he had his six gun -- told us to saddle up our hosses and ride hard for the Lord!

Thanks for this comment - Same path? If only...

He saw the joke though, when he realised his mistake.

Thanks for saying so.

The Weaver of Grass
Thanks. Glad it appealed.

The Elephant's Child
Thanks for the hint. No, I haven't come across it. Will do a bit of digging.

Wow! Wasn't expecting that!

Yup, you have to feel sory for people with namesakes like that - though mine has never caused the slightest bother... I wonder why?

Ygraine said...

Wonderful...just wonderful!
Warm, amusing and totally unforgettable.
And I see you've become a celebrity now too!!