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Friday 21 December 2012

Two Nights Ago

A thousand little Santa helpers
spilling out across, along, and up and down our road,
log-jamming it to much great ire
from motorists reduced to hooting 
from the lay-by by our house --
ignored by Santa's little army
shaking Gothic wooden boxes
Your money or your life! 
All heralding the big, sleigh man himself --
a baubled, brightly fairy light lit, dressing gown-wrapped guy
atop a sleigh that wobbled slightly
 as it took the tight right hander out of sight.
I dashed out - well, I would, it's what you might expect -
camera in hand, only to be thwarted by
a Russian Sailor elfy thing, who said he 
knew me from way back. When we were through 
with chatting, his boss with the big sack of toys
was no where to be seen.


Tabor said...

Santa works in mysterious ways it seems, especially in small towns and villages.

Mary said...

Well, it seems that Russian Sailor elfy thing was a member of Santa's Secret Service, managing to deter the paparazzi-types like YOU! Ho ho ho.

Rachna Chhabria said...

Santa has a lot of kids to visit.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Dave!

Brian Miller said...

ha, santa seems to be an equal opportunity employer...of course you wont get a pic...he's magic like that....smiles...

Helen said...

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Elephant's Child said...

And another chance slips by. There is always next year. Perhaps you could lurk incognito so that Russian Sailor boys cannot even pretend to know you...

kaykuala said...

Gosh! No big wonder Santa survives all this while. It's no mean feat to accomplish what is required of him in one night. He sure had good helpers! Great take Dave! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!


Dave King said...

Yeah, I thought it'd be summack like that. Never did trust they ole Russkies!

He does at that. Don't know how he does it.

And the best of the season to you and yours.

Ah, that's what it was! Never gave that a thought...

Well, I dunno, I saw three on the same day last week.

The Elephant's Child
Mmmmm, I might just try that.

Guess that also explains why it was his sleigh had seen better days.

Ygraine said...

It appears your Russian sailor has been taking lessons from James Bond!
With an agent like him on the payroll, it's no wonder Santa is still such a mysterious character after all these years!!