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Tuesday 26 February 2013

It was the Hallelujah! that did it!

One of those small squares
close to The Inns of Court.
A place for lunch, I'd thought,
and here we were --
though somewhat earlier than planned.

We'd visited the Building Centre --
and been thrown out.
Correction: politely asked to leave.
The pupils, armed with questionaires
had been set loose. Simple research
tasks prepared by John. It was John's show,
but I'd been sent along -- well, just in case!
John was new to pupils such as ours
and not quite on their wavelength, yet.

For Malcolm and his friends, research had been
interpreted as commandeering lifts
and flying up and down between the floors.
John was incensed: In all my life, I've never
been thrown out of anywhere!
he'd moaned
(inaudibly) as we'd trecked to the square.

We sat the boys along the low wall
of a fountain -- dry, as fate would have it.
Then as I cleared my throat to launch
into my homily, Malcolm, in an act of
unadulterated nonchalance, leaned back
and placed his left foot on the wall.
John was a stream in spate that burst its banks.
Take your foot off that wall and sit up straight!
he yelled. Malcolm, six feet something of Jamaican
manhood, considered. Decided. Rose to his full height.
Dat's maaaaaaaaa foot. Maaaaaaaaaa foot! he roared.
Da Gude Lawd, He gave me Maaaaaaaaaa foot, man!
Da Gude Lawd and Da Gude Lawd alone. And only
da Gude Lawd alone can tell me wat to do
wid dat dere foot o'mine. So no one else
aint'a gonna tell me what to do with maaaaaa foot
save The gude, gude Lawd Hisself! Hallelujah!

And he punched the air.

The passing public rather appreciated the
unexpected street performance - or so I thought.
John did not. He resigned soon after the event.


Brian Miller said...

smiles....sounds like he did not quite fit anyway...ha....malcolm reminds me of a few of my own students...and best that john knew he could not handle it...smiles.

Elephant's Child said...

Poor John. He was only going to develop nervous twitches if he stayed...

anthonynorth said...

Some people are just always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Helen said...

... we need a tune to go with Malcolm's words!!!

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Well, I have enjoyned the performance...and I would have not resigned but shaken Malcom's hand, sincerely.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Sorry for the spelling, "enjoyed".

Mary said...

Ha, resignation sometimes is the best course of action! Smiles.

Cloudia said...

lingers in your memory I'm sure....
now perhaps in ours as well.

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° > <3

Anonymous said...

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Ygraine said...

Sometimes it is best to bow out...with your dignity intact!!
This will linger in my memory...Haha:D

Dave King said...

That's right. Basically, he was a craftsman. He knew about his craft and wanted to pass on what he knew to the pupils, but was not really pupil orientated.

The Elephant's Child
That is probably very true.

Sure. I've been there myself!

Great idea! But first, we need a composer!

I take your point. Had he stayed he might - just might - have been good for the boys, but I doubt the boys would have been good for him!

Yup! Sometimes any other would be a non sequitur !

Very much it lingers.

Much thanks for this. I await with interest!

Absolutely! It has lingered much in mine...

Anonymous said...
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