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Tuesday 12 January 2010

Haiku #13

Neanderthal man
knowing he was worth it
adorned himself with jewels.


Dianne said...

Huh, there I am concrete again.
Are we any more or less advanced?
Time to dress up I guess....

Tabor said...

Birds do it...why not hominids?

Unknown said...

Hi Dave,

The male of the species has always been something of a peacock!

Rosaria Williams said...

I heard about the findings in Spain. Remarkable!

Rosaria Williams said...

I have received my comments back time after time. I'm glad this posted here today!

Conda Douglas said...

I'd add something about a prescience of near extinction, but that's just me.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Can I use the excuse that I am worth it in order to adorn myself with jewels, do you think Dave? I am enjoying your haiku.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

I have asked some students of mine to look for Haikus on the internet after a lesson on Haikus in English.
I hope they will find yours, especially this latest n.13.

I have explained to them in English, in a low voice, what a "fart" is...anyway in English the word sounds nobler than in Italian... as a traslation I also quoted from Dante:
" e col cul fece trombetta"!

Cloudia said...

Your brevity outshines your longer work - or perhaps I'm too shallow to follow the more thorough expositions...

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

June Calender said...

Like Lakeview, I just read about the Murcia Neanderthals who used painted shells -- that they could think themselves worthy of decoration is a new idea to the anthropologists -- perhaps you are a head of them in understanding the badly berated Neanderthal.

Reading these comments has the added delight of Tomaso's revelation in Italian -- what a great phrase!

steven said...

perhaps the jewels were deflections rather than reflections of their vanity. steven

readingsully2 said...

Like the poem. I thought Haiku was 5-7-5. Is there another form out there I am not aware of?

Karen said...

That second line makes this a gem, itself!

Tara McClendon said...

This is fun. I'm not a man, but I'm worth it. :]

Elisabeth said...

What a fascinating perspective. The origins of narcissism of sorts, but a healthy narcissism at that. Thanks, Dave.

Shadow said...

and why not?!

Dave King said...

Depends from where you are advancing, I guess.

Could be said of lots of things...

Hey, that's us of whom you're speaking!

Sorry about that. Grateful for your persistence, though. I will try again to uncover the problem. (In the meantime I have lost my "Followers"! WHat is going on?

MMMM, that's just you giving us nightmares!

I don't just think, I know - you are definitely worth it. After all, you adorn my blog with jewels.

Actually, I quite like the Italian. Incidentally, I am about to post on what is and what is not a Haiku - as I see it!

Of course it outshines it. In the longer works I expose my shallowness! Thanks again.

I've always had a soft spot for ye olde Neanderthal - having often been called one, myself. Many thanks for the comment.

Good thinking! Like it!

Explanation - as I see it - coming up any time soon. Hope it will help.

Truth, you see. Will out.

Absolutely! Those eight words make the point.

Healthy narcissism - Mmm, I think I shall try to cultivate some of that for myself!

... indeed!

Rachel Fox said...

I like this one. Think about it often...or variations.