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Friday 15 January 2010

Haiku #15

screams from fox at fluffy cat
cat strolls sedately on
oblivious - stone deaf


Jinksy said...

Are you sure Cat wasn't just turning a blind eye? lol :)

steven said...

dave that's very funny and insightful. jinksy - cats are so polished in their obliviousness i'd be inclined to think that way!!!! steven

Carl said...

You caught the essence of cat and distilled it down to three lines. Bravo

Unknown said...

Hi Dave,

Haven't seen this bit of news - unless it was a personal encounter - so don't know if the cat really was deaf but nothing could express disdain better!

Shadow said...

cats take messages and get back to you later...

CiCi said...

Smart cat, knows how to play it cool.

Kass said...

Yep, that's a cat for you.

Helen said...

You must see the photo on my post today ...a laughing cat ~ most likely laughing at a fox!

The Weaver of Grass said...

That sums up a cat nicely, Dave - there's none so deaf as those who choose not to hear.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Dear Dave, funny and intense haiku. And it perfectly points out a typical behaviour of some cats.
I remember one by Jack Kerouac which I can't find because I lost the book where I read it many, many years ago.
It was more or less like this:

Kicked the fridge door,
missed it,
it closed all the same.

And this is mine ( with Yeats in mind ):

Gulls by the waves, good
at waiting for anything:
"Fish, flesh, or fowl."

Linda Sue said...

a Couple of days ago there was a cat expert on the tube- he stated that cats are cool because they are still sort of wild...they have not lost that quality- to remain cool is to rule...they rarely if ever show pain because that would make them vulnerable. Never ruffled. Your poem is perfect!

Rachel Fenton said...

Dogs always make such a fuss for nothing.

Great little poem.

Dianne said...

I like the repeated sounds "f" from/fox/fluffy
and "s" strolls/sedately/stone
sedate-stone deaf

look...I'm learning!

Thanks for your work

Harlequin said...

great haiku!
ah, cats.... love 'em, hate 'em, ya gotta admire them!

Dave King said...

Thanks to all for the really kind remarks
Yes Jinksy, petty sure.
Disdain, I guess, is what it was about Derrick.
I like it Shadow. Well said.
Welcome Techno Babe.
Will do, Helen.
My Gran used to say that, Weaver.
Liked them both, Tommaso. Thanks.
Dangerous to write about cats, I guess!