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Tuesday 5 January 2010

Haiku #6

Image from the Wrenbury Village Website

Faith is hanging on
to what you once believed:
ever colder - global warming!


Rinkly Rimes said...

Wrenbury village must be at the North Pole! That's a dreadfully cold shot! Your haiku is rather bleak too, but telling.

Carl said...

wonderful combination. the image and the Haiku go together perfectly.


Barry said...

It's cold here in Toronto too, but that's expected in January. The photo is stark but very beautiful.

Tabor said...

Cold, cold and more cold. I am so ready for spring and winter has not even begun its stay.

Raj said...

the weather was always a brute. faith hanging on to what you once believed...

Unknown said...

Hi Dave and Happy New Year to you!

I've been catching up with your posts: enjoying the haiku, particularly No.2.; the New Year traditions; your rather sad portrayal on an aspect of aging.

We still have a white world but fortunately not as bleak as the one in your photo today!

I look forward to more of your thought provoking writing in 2010.

The Weaver of Grass said...

wish I could understand how we can blame global warming for this amazing cold spell, which I believe is set to go on for weeks. Glad you are keeping up the haiku - very good discipline Dave. BTW - I am still getting a daily message to say that my comments are not getting through to you.

Shadow said...

stark. cold. beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...


Rosaria Williams said...

I've received my comments back from your blog, undeliverable! What's up?

David Cranmer said...

Perfection. Me gusta!

Conda Douglas said...

Oooh, the shot made me shiver and the poem made me smile.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Strong, clear words in this haiku, global warming and warning.
And I enjoyed "last lines" too, in which I recognignized a "painful" attitude, something very difficult to express in poetry, and it's really remarkable how you deal with difficult subjects like that...the deadly power of too much thinking...a difficult and "classic" subject, started by Shakespeare in Hamlet maybe and more and more embodying the texture of the present...and by all means "fear", like in Hamlet, is the kernel of it all. So different from the sparkling neatness of the haiku world!

Kass said...

As Nessa says in my favorite British series, Gavin and Stacey, "Tidy. I feels it."

The lady in Red said...

Dear Dave, very nice post! HAPPY NEW YEAR for you and your family!

Best wishes,

Cloudia said...

Your creativity and warmth light my day!

Aloha, Dave

Comfort Spiral

Dianne said...

ha! don't let this one get out!

good one, and timely, for the writing and for the reader and for the corporate biased politician.

Andy Sewina said...

Phew, Global what? I've never seen so much snow in Manchester before, and if that's the Wrenbury village in Cheshire, I didn't recognise it, Nicola's parents live there, and we went on New Year's Eve.

Much to think about in the first thought: Faith is hanging on to what you once believed.

Nicely done!

Dave King said...

Rinkly Rimes
I think it's in Wiltshire, but I agrre it's bleak.


We have 10 inches of snow this morn ing - that is defin itely not expected any time of the year.

Yup, I'm for spring, also.

Funny, my childhood memories include none of awful weather!

Thanks for the response - and for the effort of catching up! This moening it's pretty bleak here! It's not even pretty any more.

I've seen it blamed, but never an explan ation of how!


And again, thanks.

Incredible - it's happened 2 or 3 times now. Apologies, but I shall have words!

Me? Or the weather?

Smiling through the shivers? You almost sound British!

Thanks for that... and, yes, it's a valid comparison you draw with your final sentence.

I confess i've never watched G and S, but I feels the phrase.

Lady in Red
Thank you and a happy new year to you and yours.

Too kind. More, more!

Many thanks for those remarks. Much appreciated.

Small world - we should be able to get our heads around it! Thanks.

Charles Gramlich said...

Now that looks coldddddd

Dave King said...

Welcome to my blog! Thanks. That's what I thought - then I looked out of the window!

Harlequin said...

loved the image and the haiku.... nicely done; it is quite effective... I could feel the shivering begin with the combination of word and image

Cynthia said...

lol. the photo is a beauty.

Crafty Green Poet said...

well a predicted effect of climaet change is the loss of the gulf stream which would mean colder winters for the Uk and other parts of Europe. The cold winters in some part of the USA are likely more down to the increased likelihood of extreme weather which is another consequence of global warming. Certainly the sceptics are wrong to say it all disproves global warming...