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Saturday 6 February 2010

Haiku #41

You throw your weight around
if you're a super-power.
What else is there to do?


steven said...

dave - my son asked me something connected to this the other day. he asked "why can't the big powers use all their money and power to do something good instad of trying to redefine and then solve everybody else's "probems"? thankyou my son!!! steven

Cloudia said...

Ah, wish we could outgrow this!

Seems tiny powers want to push their weight around too...human condition - till now. tomorrow?

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Barry said...

Collectively we seem more adolescent than we are individually.

Obviously while two heads are better than one, a million or so make us regress.

Unless we can collectively grow up and stop acting like teenage bullies, there may not be much hope for us.

Jeanne Estridge said...

I guess, NOT throw your weight around. But for that you wouldn't be super-powerful, you'd be super-wise.

Ronda Laveen said...

Everyone thinks it's cool to have a rep, especially super-powers.

Dan Gurney said...

What else is there to do?

Here, Dave is a Tanka answer:

Abandon all fears.
Cultivate love, care, kindness.
Care for the needy.
If superpowers were gone
We'd enjoy democracy.

Raj said...

you really cant blame them. they are in the elite league now, obviously they will want to jump up into the next league. ask them what that is and they have no idea either.

Dave King said...

I should say that I did not hav e anyone - or any coluntry - particularly in mind. I wish we in Britain could outgrow it - how long back are those days of empire, yet some attitiudes have n ot changed.
Also, sxtevenm's point is a good one - it depends - to som e extent - perhaps, why you are throwing your weight around.
But the main point was that the circumstance causes the condition. Global power corrupts globally, I guess. And yes, Barry, collectivity may have something to do with it.
Super-wise - ah, now there's a concept to juggle with!
Agreed Ronda.
Than ks for the tanka - I had been thinking of including one occasionally to give a bit of v ariety. Good one.
Yup, the big b oys don't really want to play with the babies.

Brian Miller said...

how else do you prove you are still king of the hill? as it slow;y deteriorates beneath you.

Elisabeth said...

The third line here says it all.

To be a superpower is to be a mindless bully who cannot think, who cannot imagine any other way except through brute force. Thanks, Dave.

CiCi said...

In the school days there were bullies and there were thinkers. As adults it is the same.

Anonymous said...

We could . . .
- all sit in mud,
-have farm-era size families-
-and keep thanking God . . .

Anonymous said...

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Perspectives said...

i seriously think at times, superpower must be helpless. there is nothing on this earth he cannot do; there is no term "trying" in his terminology and there is no result in his history!

Dave King said...

Brian, welcome (I think I neglected to welcome you before)
Good points from Brian, Elisabeth and TechnoBabe.
And a warm welcome to Mr. Philoctetes Digressius. I am not sure that I have fully understood all that - except the last line, of course.
And welcome too to sp.ajay. Thanks for a very thought-provoking comment.

Conda Douglas said...

Dave--Ha! I somehow sense you're speaking about us in the US?!