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Sunday 7 February 2010

Haiku #42 and #43

Imaginary epitaph:
I was misrepresented -
Charles Darwin

Suggested by a new book What Darwin Got Wrong (What he actually said was Great is the force of misrepresentation.)

literature's mutation -
What price development?


Helen said...

Dave ~~~
I have never encountered a creative brain like yours. Everything you write is thought provoking!

San said...

Dave, Darwin is chuckling in his grave. Thank you for the mutations. I mean haiku.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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steven said...

ahhh dave the "anonymous" comments are appearing with you as well. there's a haiku there i'm sure but your brain moves at a more feverish and focussed pace than mine so have at 'em sir!!! steven

Friko said...

I love all of these.
It's hard to find something new to say, but please carry on; I always pop round to read a whole bunch of them.

I'd love for you to come over to fridge soup, a kind of team blog for leftovers, nothing much really.
We have a few interesting people adding the odd morsel to the stock
I am aware that you don't need any more "exposure" but you might like what you see.

If you do email me.

Ronda Laveen said...

I like them both. What I love about the first one is that it reminds me of those old timey epitaphs.

Tumblewords: said...

I'm loving the haiku!! Been here for a while and another while reading, grinning, thinking and reading. Nice stuff!

Raj said...

dave. sir. you really are a master with words and wisdom. i bow to thee.
epitaph on darwin

literaturs silence

damn. how is it that you arent famous????

@ctors Business said...

Dave's Haiku high art
Sculpting, crafting, teasing, words
Thoughtful inspiration

Love the Haiku series - this is my attempt in homage.

Dave King said...

Many thanks everyone for all the comments.
Too kind, Helen!
What a nice thought, the old boy chuckling... like it.
Yes, I shall have to be more ruthless with the weeding, steven. Not sure about the feverishness, though!
More exposure Friko? Could I survive it, I wonder! But thefridge soup concept sounds intriguing... could I even resist? Thanks for the invite.
Mmmm, know what you mean, Ronda.
That is really encouraging Tumblewords. Thanks.
Glad you liked it Raj.

Homage unmeritted
accepted with grace
and gratitude.

Elisabeth said...

Wonderful Dave, survival of the fittest and all that.

You are one of the great survivors, even through an onslaught of 'trolls'. Shhh, I understand from my reading of Wikipedia, it's best to ignore them.

Thanks, Dave. I wonder what Darwin would make of it.