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Monday 13 September 2010

Haiku #261

Tony Blair was warned --
not news perhaps for some of us --
Iraq illegal


Bee said...

Will you read his new autobiography, or just glean excerpts from the papers?
I should think there's more than enough material there to warrant another haiku or two from you.

Windsmoke. said...

Where are the Weapons Of Mass Destruction they still haven't found what they are looking for. Did they really exist in the first place, i doubt it very much.

Yesterday's Haiku #260 i say it takes two to tango and there are a lot of lazy women out there that don't make the effort and then wonder why there are disappointed.

Linda Sue said...

He was so romanced by that dumb cowboy! I think that they had a sort of brokeback mountain thing going...

Dave King said...

I'm worried that if I read the book I'd end up trying to write an epic.

I was never sure... given all the desert he had in which to hide them, but I'm pretty much convinced now.

Linda Sue
Yeah, I think that must be about it. You've a braver soul than me. The thought had occurred, but I'd not liked to out it.

CiCi said...

Some people still insist on calling the Iraq fiasco a war when if fact it was indeed an invasion.