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Thursday 2 June 2011

Prophet of Our Time

In days of old
prophets were made
of stuff like him;
were men of vision,
seeing clearly,
effects produced
at times
from tiny causes,
beyond all rational

But this is the myopic
so he must study
string theory
and the theory
of complexity;
and be well versed
in critical states;
and worry
that the scientists
and techno-people
and all those who advise
our politicians
might somehow
have screwed up again.

Entered for One-Shot-Wednesday


Windsmoke. said...

I like this line "have screwed up again" how absolutely true :-).

Mary said...

It does seem like there are not as many people of vision today. Hard to know whose advice to trust!

Tabor said...

Yes and then he forgets to study poetry and jazz. So sad.

Raj said...

vision does not come from walking the walk. and as of now, everyone is just too busy doing that. great work! had a little trouble deciphering it, but what i understood i liked.

Brian Miller said...

oh they probably know someone screwed up again...that does not even take a rocket scientist...smiles.

Laurie Kolp said...

Dave~ Love the ending...

Corinna said...


The Weaver of Grass said...

How glad I am I live out in the country and can - if I choose - find out none of the news, forget politicians, scientists etc. In other words bury my head in the sand.

Carl said...

Sadly he must also know which tie to where on television. Pop culture propheture. Start with the lowest common denominator and use it to scare people.

Anonymous said...

So much spin, so little substance. What's saddest of all is that we let it happen.

DUTA said...

I like your comparison of prophets then in the old days ('men of vision') and prophets now ('myopic'and politician-like).

I would add that in the old times people depended on prophets, respected them , nowadays they usually tend to ignore them and their prophecies in the various fields of life.

Regina said...

Hi there..so you suppose leadership (or the lack) is an indication of the loss of vision? Kind of what struck me.
Appreciate your encouragement:)

Dave King said...

Alas, yes.

I think it's been that way for some time, in fact. The truth is just catching up with us.

Good point. I missed out on that!

From your comment, it seems to me that you got there. Thanks.

True, very true.

Thanks. It was always going to end that way!


The Weaver of Grass
Sounds like the ideal situation. I have always envied those who live in the country. Sometimes I wonder if it's just romanticism on my part. I don't think it is.

Very perceptive, and yes, I am sure that is so.

In fact, in many ways we encourage it, I believe.

There's truth in that, I'm sure, though the old adage has it that prophets were without respect in their own country.

Hi Welcome to you. Thanks for the response. Wise leadership, yes. We have too much of the other kind

Hologram said...

I loved this. The prophets of old had the answers to today's questions, which are being asked in big atom smashing laboratories and computers.