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Friday 30 December 2011

Crimson Lake

Francis Bacon's
Portrait of Pope Innocent X
from the Wikipedia website.

His name was Crimson Lake.
Parental joke, maybe...
more than enough to drive
a lad like him towards
a life of crime or drink.

It pushed him into art,
he found a refuge there
and soon declared himself:
Bacon was his hero,
he planned to be like him.
("A name must have a name
or no one gives a damn!")
Michael, he'd been meaning
(rock guitarist, 3D
animator, Sony
games designer, builder
of environments):
but found himself nonplussed
when critics asked "Which one?"
Recovering at speed:
"The both of them," said he.

He had to look up stuff
on Francis. After which,
"Their influence," he said,
"was of their words, not works."
Francis gave the thought that
"van Gogh's fields give off
the violence of grass"
from which a small step took
him to: "magnetic fields
will sizzle, done in paint!"
"Man is an accident,
life is accidental,
my work shall be the same!
I'll paint the plight of man
stuck in this godless world
of widgets and white coats."

And he was proved correct:
a kind of half-connect
was made between his work
and his two guru guides.
Apparent, visual
not of the essence and
not real. An accident.
That was it. Nothing that
was consciously achieved.

For Michael Bacon's work click here


Brian Miller said...

that is a kinda freaky picture....interesting the story that got them there...even if it was an accident...nothing is random you know....

Mary said...

Widgets and white coats...rather frightening thought! I agree with Brian about the picture.

Ygraine said...

A disturbing and unsettling poem.
Sort of brings to mind a drop of water trying to find itself in a vast ocean.
The picture is a perfect accompaniment - very dark and menacing.
Brilliant combination:)

jabblog said...

A life by default, maybe.

Maude Lynn said...

This is really interesting! Thought provoking piece.

Scarlet said...

I like the backgrounder and details you gave to this image ~

"Man is an accident,
life is accidental "

Intruiging write, I like it ~

Wishing you all the best for the New year ~

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

"Man is an accident,
life is accidental,
my work shall be the same!
I'll paint the plight of man
stuck in this godless world
of widgets and white coats."

Superb lines with a deep, sweeping layer of truth in them. And "paint the plight" and "widgets and white..." resounding so right.

Windsmoke. said...

He's an accidental painter trying to find his way in this accidental world :-).

kaykuala said...

The pic is frighteningly real in the dark. Your verse is frighteningly truthful and beautifully rendered!


MianTariq said...

very kind of you to share this piece DAVE.
Happy new year.

Dave King said...

A difficult artist to like, Francis B. Disturbing in the extreme, but he has been inordinantly influential.

Thanks. Me too.

Perfect analogy. Like it very much - wish I had thought of it. Thanks!

Good phrase. Yes, I buy that.

Mama Zen
That's good to hear. Thanks for saying.

And my good wishes for your New Year. Thanks, too, for an encouraging comment.

Thanks once more for another valued response. So good to have.

Perfect reply. I like it very much indeed. It sums up the situation admirably!

I think you have put your finger on it. His pictures are not likeable, but they are always frighteningly real.

My thanks to you for your thoughts - and a realy great New Year.

Anonymous said...

A very well-drawn portrait. I'm not such a fan of the Bacons, but your poem transcends that. K.

Lolamouse said...

What a fascinating artist this is! I clicked on the link and was blown away by the variety of projects this artist is involved in. How did you find him?

Dave King said...

A long overdue trawl - and I find two of you way back here. Apologies and thanks for your comments.

If you mean Michael, I stumbled on him on the web.
(Apologies for not replying before)